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Malaya and Mla Times opinions

Posted by akosistella on April 23, 2010


MALAYA EDITORIAL: Caligula’s horse

WHEN Roman Emperor Caligula appointed his beloved horse Incitatus a consul, his action was treated as just another proof of his insanity. So when Gloria Arroyo appointed her personal manicurist as a member of the board of trustees of Pag-IBIG Fund, what then do we make of it?

We already know that Gloria is madly obsessed with power and wealth. But we certainly had no inkling she was mad in the way Caligula was. There are parallels. Caligula was a tyrant with a glutton’s appetite for extravagance. Now, the similarities are converging with the appointment of Anita Carpon to the policymaking body of a P230 billion government financial institution.

Via Malaya

The homestretch

So what is my fearless forecast? Noynoy-Mar. With Erap-Binay at Number Two. Or possibly Villar-Binay at number two, and Erap-Loren a close third.

Of course, fearless forecasts do not consider the risks of an automated Garci, as my friend Gus Lagman, who was with me in planning the anti-Marcos Makati rallies back in 1983, calls the looming hazard of the Venezuelan company called Smartmatic.

Last-minute money will give a small perk, but by and large, with the margins between 14-15, local executives will just use the presidentiable’s money either to ensure his mayoralty or congressional win, or pocket the same altogether. It can buy the local incumbent a new luxury car, or the wife a fabulous bauble from Hong Kong jewellers. As the sad spectacle of Gibo’s reliance on “party machinery” is showing, you cannot anchor a presidential run on flags of convenience.


DAILY TRIBUNE EDITORIAL: Generals take a stand

The tug of war between Gloria and Noynoy to win the support of the military for an extra-constitutional power grab, a caretaker junta on the one hand and another coup d’etat masked as another people power on the other, may result in both political opportunists cancelling out each other.

The command conference at Camp Aguinaldo the other day tackled, among others, contingency plans in the event of a failure of elections and that the military top brass who are mainly members of Class 1978 did make a vow not to allow a government that would not be coming out of the elections — which is both Gloria’s junta as being sold by Defense Secretary Norberto Gonzales in his rounds on military camps and Noynoy and his yellows’ planned power takeover through another Edsa revolt. And why not, since the Noynoy Aquinos of the world, along with the yellows of this same world, never respect the rule of law, believing in the rule of force to get what they want.

Daily Tribune

Inconsistency, thy name is yellow
FRONTLINE By Ninez Cacho-Olivares

Of all the highly political groups, the most inconsistent in their arguments are the civil socialites who have now donned the yellow color.

They excoriated the Supreme Court for affirming its decision granting the incumbent Malacañang tenant the power and authority to appoint the next chief justice. They insist that their interpretation of the constitutional provision on midnight appointments ban as applied to the SC justices is the correct one, concluding that the high court, with this recent affirmation of its earlier ruling, merely proved to be a puppet of Malacañang and a rubber stamp.

Click Ninez Cacho Olivares


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