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Villar: Trouble with hellos

Posted by akosistella on April 23, 2010


(First of two parts)

MANILA, Philippines—Hello Fe! Hello Francis!

Sen. Manny Villar called Fe Barin, chair of the Securities and Exchange Commission, and Francis Lim, then president of the Philippine Stock Exchange, many times sometime between May and June 2007, the Philippine Daily Inquirer has learned.

But the calls, according to SEC and PSE lawyers and brokers interviewed by the Inquirer on separate occasions, were “too many to be easily dismissed and forgotten.”

They couldn’t forget about the calls either, they said, most especially because Villar, then Senate President, wanted the SEC and PSE officials “to throw the exchange rules out the window.”

via INQUIRER.net.


Estrada, JPE: Villar pressured PSE board for financial gain

•Personal gain

Enrile warned that if Villar could go out of his way to pressure a private group when he was still the Senate president, he would do the same if he wins the presidency in the upcoming polls.

Enrile, a senatorial bet under Estrada’s political party, warned against the risks of having a leader who would pressure “a business institution to get what he wants.”

“If he can have it as senator, as Senate president, how much more when he becomes a president? If that is a fact, that indeed, he pressured the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE), I call on the PSE board to say so,” Enrile said during the press conference.

via ABS-CBN News

AND: Villar denies wrongdoing; lawyer calls Enrile, Estrada liars


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