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Posted by akosistella on April 26, 2010


Inquirer: Preparation

CHAMPAGNE glasses clinked in official circles to celebrate the completion of the printing of official ballots. And now, as they say, comes the hard part. Even as calls mount for the integrity of the voting process to be safeguarded, including provisions for a manual count in full to validate and complement the automated counting of votes, the citizenry, too, has to do its part.

On one hand, there is the danger that voters will concentrate too much on the local races, excluding the national polls. On the other hand, voters might be tempted to take the national polls less seriously and be whimsical in their choices. The civic duty of every voter is to fill out his/her ballot carefully, methodically and conscientiously, to exercise his/her right to suffrage in local and national terms.

via INQUIRER.net.

Phil. Star: A job for the Comelec

The Commission on Elections currently has enough on its plate as it finalizes preparations for the country’s first fully automated polls. Aware of this, candidates are blatantly ignoring Comelec rules on the display of campaign materials. All over the country, posters are again plastered on walls and lampposts, or are strung on trees and telephone wires. In Metro Manila, candidates’ color-coded ribbons adorn bushes and trees. The Metro Manila Development Authority conducts regular sweeps to get rid of the ribbons, which soon after pop up again.

via Phil. Star

Manila Times: More upbeat economic outlook

SLOWLY but surely the Philippines is emerging from the worst global economic crisis in decades.

A fresh whiff of good news came from the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP).

Characteristically behind the curve, the BSP last week decided to keep its policy rates at historic lows. Nothing new there as everyone expects the central bank to begin raising rates only after the May national elections.

Via Manila Times

Malaya: Modest proposals, but ignored

THE Commission on Elections stands adamant in its opposition to a parallel manual count proposed by the Makati Business Club. Nothing short of a miracle can possibly change the Comelec’s mind because of the cost and effort involved. But if election officials are determined to ensure the credibility of the May 10 exercise’s outcome, there is a simple proposal, now pending before the commission, that serves as a counter-check to misreading and miscounting of votes at the precinct level.

via Malaya

BusinessMirror: Review the Labor Code

Before Election Day on May 10, there’s May Day, or Labor Day, on May 1st. And we can expect labor groups, particularly the militant ones, to once again take to the streets and ask the government for higher pay, as they have done so for many years.

This year’s Labor Day observance, however, is different from previous ones. This time, employers themselves are asking the government to amend the country’s labor law.

via BusinessMirror


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