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Open letters to the Comelec from biz grps and the La Salle Brothers

Posted by akosistella on April 27, 2010


MAP INSIGHTS By the Management Association of the Philippines

With a strong sense of urgency, we, concerned citizens of the Philippines, respectfully request that the Commission on Elections (Comelec) consider our proposal for a simplified parallel manual count as a means to guarantee the credibility of the May 10 national elections.

We appeal to Chairman Jose Melo and the other Comelec commissioners to be open-minded and to keep in their hearts the best interest of the Filipino people.

The credibility of automated elections has suffered because the Comelec removed many of the safeguards that were initially set in place — source code review, ultra-violet mark checking, authenticity check through digital signatures, etc.

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Fair, credible elections
FRAMEWORK By Elfren Sicangco Cruz

With only two weeks to go, the biggest fear now is the capability of the Comelec to conduct an electoral process that will be credible and truthful.

Last April 8, the La Salle Brothers published an “open letter to the Comelec” that expressed their deep concern about recent events that put into question the possible credibility of the coming elections.

In particular, the La Salle Brothers referred to the following events:

1. “[T]he disabling of vital security safeguards of the Precinct Count Optical Count (PCOS) machine to assure the proper counting and verification of ballots;

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Those in troubled relationships talk about putting an end to the emotional roller coaster of a partnership and seek closure. A definitive conclusion is intended to give former partners some peace, even if uneasy. It allows a fresh start, summoning the will to move on, in different directions. Like a movie ending with the credits rolling, the resolution of a story may not be happy or even bring relief to all concerned, but it puts closure to the struggles of the characters. Closure ushers in an ending of what once was as well as the beginning of what can still be.

As a metaphor, “closure” reflects the crucial step needed to end a particularly stressful situation. In medical parlance, closure refers to the suturing (or closing) of a wound after a loss of blood. It is a necessary medical procedure required for the process of healing to start, even as the pain lingers for a while.

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