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Arroyo election lawyer sees no other way but to postpone polls

Posted by akosistella on May 5, 2010


MANILA, Philippines—The election lawyer of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo said there’s no other way to prevent a failure of elections but to postpone Monday’s balloting.

“Postponement of election is the only remedy to prevent a failure of election,” said lawyer Romulo Macalintal amid nationwide reports of vote machine glitches, fuelling fears the count could descend into chaos.Macalintal said the Commission on Elections is authorized under Section 5 of the Omnibus Election Code to reset the May 10 polls to a later date.

via INQUIRER.net.


Comelec recalls faulty voting machine cards

MANILA, Philippines (AP) – The Commission on Elections (Comelec) has ordered the recall of 76,000 memory cards to be used in the country’s first automated elections next week after some were found to be defective, heightening jitters over a possible failure of the new system.

The glitches just six days before 50 million Filipino voters elect a new president, vice president and officials to fill 17,000 national and local posts, prompted calls for a postponement of the election and renewed appeals for a parallel manual count of votes.

Philippine elections are notorious for violence and fraud, and many candidates and political parties have expressed fears of high-tech cheating.

Via Phil. Star


No cellphone signals at nearly 5,000 precincts

MANILA, Philippines—Nearly 5,000 polling centers with 10,000 vote-counting machines have no mobile phone network coverage and will have to resort to satellite connections to transmit their vote tallies to the canvassing centers, according to a document from the Commission on Elections.

According to the Precinct Count Optical Scan master list obtained by the Inquirer, 4,690 polling centers have no cellphone signals from the country’s major providers, namely Globe, Smart, and Sun.

The rest of the precincts in the country either have signals from one or two functioning telecommunication networks, the list shows.

Via Inquirer.net


New glitch halts deliveries of PCOS machines

MANILA, Philippines – The deliveries of the remaining Precinct Count Optical Scan (PCOS) machines in several parts of the country have been suspended after a new glitch was discovered during Monday’s testing in some areas in Luzon.

The Commission on Elections (Comelec), after meeting with poll equipment supplier Smartmatic-TIM executives, issued the suspension and recall order after receiving numerous reports that the machines failed to read the votes for local officials and did not match the manual count conducted by the Board of Election Inspectors.

In Zamboanga City, poll watchdogs said the problem might be a sign that the elections on May 10 will not be as flawless as Comelec had projected.

Via ABS-CBN News


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