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Smartmatic says it can reconfigure 3000 compact flash cards per hour

Posted by akosistella on May 5, 2010


IN a comment on IT expert and Manila Times Tech Times editor Jing Garcia’s Facebook page, Smartmatic Asia president Cesar Flores assured that compact flash cards from the PCOS machines could be speedily reconfigured.

“We currently have 75 [computer] stations set up (will increase to 120 tonight). Each stations configures 40 cf [cards] per hour. That’s a capacity of 3,000 [cards] an hour,” Flores said.

He made the statement in response to Garcia’s Facebook status questioning the length of time it takes to reconfigure CF cards using one computer. “In one hour, you can reformat/reconfigure at least 24 compact flash cards, or 576 cards in 24 hours. With one computer, it will take at least 131 days to do that on 76,000 CF cards. You’ll need at least 50 computers to reformat all in 2 days,” Garcia said.

Flores pointed out though that the issue is how to keep the flow of cards coming, “as only 18,000 were in the warehouse and the rest are being retrieved from the field, and 40,000 are coming tomorrow from Taiwan and Hong Kong.”

In a press conference at the Commission on Elections this afternoon, Flores said the reconfiguration of the CF cards will be done at Smartmatic’s Cabuyao plant. The CF cards were being blamed for the discrepancies which occurred when several PCOS machines were tested via mock polls Monday. The results showed several national and local candidates not garnering any votes despite the proper shading of their names on the mock ballots.

Smartmatic needs to reconfigure about 76,000 CF cards before returning them to the polling precints where the PCOS machines will be delivered. (SFA/pulitika2010.wordpress.com)


Automated polls to proceed as scheduled, Comelec assures

(Update 3:53 PM) The Philippines’ first nationwide automated polls will proceed as scheduled, the Commission on Elections (Comelec) said on Wednesday, allaying fears of poll failure after voting machines suffered from glitches.

There is no truth to text messages indicating that elections will be postponed for at least two weeks, Comelec Commissioner Gregorio Larrazabal told reporters on Wednesday.

The poll body “has not voted on any postponement,” he said.

The commissioner issued the statement after administration lawyer Romulo Macalintal suggested that the Comelec defer the elections by at least 15 days because of recent glitches discovered with the automated voting system.



AND: Palace backpedals on option to postpone poll


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