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Columnists endorse Aquino, Roxas

Posted by akosistella on May 6, 2010


Mar is my choice
ASK GONEGOSYO By Joey Concepcion

On Monday, May 10, Filipinos will elect a new President, Vice President and other officials in government. With the computerized election being done for the first time, we hope it will really work and generate the results faster than the usual.

Go Negosyo advocates have their own choices of candidates, as the views of each vary as to who will run the country better. But, what is common among entrepreneurs is the choice of a leader who will find a solution to corruption and will create a negosyo climate that will help them grow and expand their business.

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WHAT’S IN A NAME? By Atty. Adrian S. Cristobal Jr.

Like elections before this, the Filipinos are presented with basically two choices: continuity or change. In the language of electoral campaigns, it will be “more of the same” or “change and reform.” Although all parties and their candidates promise the latter, only one party and its tandem credibly represents change and reform.

That party is the Liberal Party (LP). That tandem is that of Sens. Benigno S. Aquino III and Mar Roxas II.

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Iglesia endorsement seals win for Noynoy?
POSTSCRIPT By Federico D. Pascual Jr.

SOLID PUNCH: Whatever detractors think, the public endorsement of Sen. Noynoy Aquino for president by the Iglesia ni Cristo may have sealed the victory of the 50-year-old son of democracy icon Cory Aquino whether the polls, set on Monday, are postponed or not.

The INC is the only religious group that can throw a solid punch of at least five million votes. In contrast, the Catholic Church does not have a tight hold on its members estimated at 80 million. Neither can El Shaddai, which is more into a kind of evangelism business, sway its more than four million followers to any politician’s side. As for Kingdom of Christ’s Apollo Quiboloy of Davao, who has anointed administration bet Gibo Teodoro, he is more of a local preacher than a political force on a national platform.

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Two to trust
The Long View By Manuel L. Quezon III

Together, Benigno Aquino III as president and Manuel Roxas II as vice president, have the necessary personal characteristics of leadership and managerial ability to provide an administration characterized by self-control: one that can bring our country back from the brink of executive self-aggrandizement, legislative cynicism and reckless legal experimentation and institutional subversion that has been the path of choice of the present dispensation.

Theirs is a political partnership forged from the deep frustrations we have all felt: whether exasperation with petty scheming of the present gang, or alarm and outrage over the relentless empire-building of its principals and associates. They are at the head of a deeply Centrist coalition that represents the centrist values the majority holds; and because of this, offer the best prospects of healing and stability.

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One Response to “Columnists endorse Aquino, Roxas”

  1. jose luis (nonoy) yulo,jr. said

    Noynoy Aquino and Mar Roxas provide the HOPE,INTEGRITY,and TRUST plus principled governance capabilities that the country so desperately needs at this time. Also, to cure the problems of corruption and a dysfunctional institutions of govt after years of unprincipled misgovernance, the Philippines needs at least 12 years of continuity of righteous governance to put back decency in govt and enable its citizens to rework their lives in a competitive world.

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