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Comelec was warned about ballot production software

Posted by akosistella on May 6, 2010


* With the numerous failures to read local votes in initial tests of the voting machines and the Smartmatic admission of a problem in configuring the ballot design, is it possible that Smartmatic used their ballot production software despite the clear warning by the source code review contractor that it should not be used? And that was only one of over 5,000 unresolved problems that the review found in the source code. Analysis by poll automation expert ROBERTO VERZOLA of Halalang Marangal (HALAL).

According to the Automated Election Law (R.A. 9369), the Comelec Technical Evaluation Committee (TEC) must “certify, through an established international certification entity, … categorically stating that the AES, including its hardware and software components, is operating properly, securely, and accurately, in accordance with the provisions of this Act based, among others, on the following documented results: 1) … ; 2) … ; 3) The successful completion of a source code review; 4) … “

For the certification entity, the Comelec chose SysTest Labs Inc., a U.S. firm that certifies voting software. SysTest conducted its review of the Smartmatic source code on Oct. 26, 2009 to Feb. 9, 2010. It was on the basis of the SysTest recommendation that the COMELEC accepted the Smartmatic software and went ahead with the automated elections. Although SysTest submitted its “Certification Test Report for Source Code Review, Readiness and Security Testing Rev. 1.06″ on Feb. 9, the COMELEC released the full text of the report only on Apr. 30, barely ten days before the May 10 elections.

The SysTest review found 9,888 problems, which ranged from “critical” or “major” to “minor” problems. Of these problems, Smartmatic was able to correct 4,422 critical or major problems. However, 327 major problems, 4,897 minor deviations from standards and 242 minor non-standard-related problems – a total of 5,466 problems – remained unresolved, according to the SysTest report.

via GMANews.TV.


DepEd, teachers unprepared for manual count

MANILA, Philippines – The public school teachers tasked to serve in the country’s first nationwide automated polls are not ready to conduct a manual count.

This admission was made during a pre-election briefing on Wednesday at the Department of Education (DepEd) in Pasig.

Education Assistant Secretary Jonathan Malaya, DepEd spokesman, told ABS-CBN News on Wednesday that the DepEd and its teachers are not prepared for a manual vote count if the automated count fails.

Via ABS-CBN News


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