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Opinions on the glitchy Comelec, Cardinal Rosales, and sanity

Posted by akosistella on May 6, 2010



JUST as everyone was preparing to cast his vote less than a week away, the automated system that would govern the sanctity of sovereign choice gets discombobulated. What was billed by its sponsors, principally the discredited Comelec and the pollyanish PPCRV as a foolproof, Garci-proof “high-tech” system has suddenly seemed like Humpty-Dumpty.

Tested with actual ballots and actual candidate names printed on front and back, the Smartmatic PCOS machines failed quite miserably.

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THERE’S THE RUB By Conrado de Quiros

I NEARLY FELL OFF MY SEAT LAST WEEK when I read about a Malacañang official agreeing with the Villar camp, saying Noynoy Aquino ought to submit himself to a psychiatric evaluation. That should be so, he said, for anyone contemplating becoming president of the Philippines.

I did fall off it when I next read about Erap saying the same thing. “The public has the right to information especially if you are seeking the number one position. You must be physically and mentally fit. I think I don’t need to (undergo a psychiatric evaluation) as my wife is a psychiatrist. But if there’s basis, I’m still willing to submit (to it).”

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Archbishop, priests, nun challenge Cardinal Rosales on People Power
AS I WRECK THIS CHAIR By William M. Esposo

When Rodolfo “Jun” Lozada and the nuns protecting him briefed Cardinal Rosales on the ZTE scandal, they got the shock of their lives. Perhaps conditioned by the role that the late Jaime Cardinal Sin played in fighting the then evil in the land, Jun and his nun-bodyguards were expecting morale support at the very least.

What they received was the exact opposite. Cardinal Rosales told Jun Lozada: “Truth and lie are the same. They are icing on the cake. What is important is the cake.” When Jun narrated that again to yours truly and some friends last February – one of the nuns who accompanied him to the ZTE briefing was present and confirmed the conversation.

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Love our funny elections
Virtual Reality BY TONY LOPEZ

Funny our elections. We have the only body authorized by law and by the Constitution to conduct elections—the Commission on Elections or Comelec.

Yet, by practice, tradition and inclination, the Comelec cannot summon enough integrity and competence to manage our elections, the most elegant rite of democracy.

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No holdover presidency
FRONTLINE by Ninez Cacho-Olivares

Truth is, I really don’t buy the scenario of Gloria Arroyo becoming a holdover president, mainly because the time for a “holdover” presidency — if it does come about at all, will have to start after June 30, 2010.

There also cannot be a holdover presidency because the succession mechanism should be at play — which would call for the Senate president to become the acting president.

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