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Don’t vote for Noynoy

Posted by akosistella on May 7, 2010

By Jojo A. Robles

For whatever it’s worth, consider this a final appeal before you go to the polls on Monday: Do not vote for Benigno Simeon “Noynoy”Aquino III.

Do not vote for Noynoy because he is lazy and incompetent. He has done nothing, good or bad, to deserve your vote; he will most likely do nothing—which most certainly cannot be good—if he becomes president.

Do not vote for Noynoy because he is not his own man. He is heavily indebted to his relatives, political advisers, command-vote gatherers and financial backers, all of whom will most likely call the shots, make the important decisions and rule the country (even if no one elected them or even knows who they are) if he becomes president.

via Manila Standard Today.


6 Responses to “Don’t vote for Noynoy”

  1. filofail said

    At least he won’t plunder and rape the people like every other candidate will. Manny Villar is about the most corrupt filipino idiot there is (and they’re all idiots). But at least the Aquino family has a history and reputation for not being corrupt. Can’t say that about any of the others. So…

    VOTE FOR NOYNOY AQUINO…and don’t be as stupid as the rest of the filipino idiots.

  2. jose luis (nonoy) yulo,jr. said

    Whoever is jojo a.robles? Is this a real person, or a fake just like the Fr.Bulatao and Fr Caluag fake letter

  3. sam said

    if this warning came from some other person i would, perhaps, give it a little bit of thought… like perhaps, a minute to wonder how much the guy was given by any of aquino’s political rivals to spew effete venom about this son of heroes..but seeing how this comes from this idiot, i wouldn’t skip half a beat..moving on…

  4. gerry said

    this jojo a robles is thrush!

  5. farawayfreedom said

    he’s winning 😦 can’t change that..

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