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Posted by akosistella on May 10, 2010


Malaya: Go out and vote

IT’S Election Day today and despite gnawing worries that the automated election system might not work as advertised, let’s all give this innovation a chance.

Via Malaya

Phil. Star: Guard the vote

Several elections ago, someone coined the acronym HOPE – for honest, orderly and peaceful elections. The acronym has endured, although more as a wish rather than reality.

Via Phil. Star

BusinessMirror: Nosebleed

FOR many people, today’s historic election—the first national automated exercise in our rambunctious democracy—is a nosebleed, pure and simple, because it requires people to make such difficult choices at a time when change is so crucial to reversing or, God forbid, perpetuating our collective misery. It’s not as if we lack for “choices.”

Via BusinessMIrror

Inquirer: Vigilance!

IT is always the teachers who move us most. The number of teachers required to conduct the vote may have been dramatically reduced from the last one three years ago, but it is still in the thousands, and in the last several days their images have filled our TV screens, their sound bites have shaped radio waves. After the final testing and sealing phase of the automation process turned disastrous last Monday, it was the sight and sound of the teachers who will man the precinct count optical scan (PCOS) machines, who will transmit the initial election results, who will conduct the random manual audit prescribed by law, which helped settle many of our fears.

Via Inquirer.net

Daily Tribune: Day of reckoning

And so it comes to this day, when 50 million Filipinos are asked to vote intelligently and choose from a crop of mostly undeserving to be in public office after a campaign period, which could have been the most expensive ever, that, however, failed to feature anything for the public to look forward to. Instead, it had become a mere display of idiocy between two political parties that anchored their campaigns on muckraking.

Via Daily Tribune


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