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From a disenfranchised voter…

Posted by akosistella on May 10, 2010

CHOT REYES, coach of the Talk ‘n Text team at the Philippine Basketball Association, is one of the thousands of disenfranchised voters in the country.

As per his text: “I checked the Comelec web site on Oct. 14, 2009 and it confirmed my status as ACTIVE under precint 4193A, the precint I have always voted in since Cory’s (Aquino) time.”

According to his wife, Cherry, when Chot went to his precint, “they couldn’t find his name but he was holding his printout from the Comelec that he is an active voter. All the details were there even the precinct number. They even tried to search his name in the other precincts but wala din.” Chot and his family live in Loyola Heights, in Quezon City.

Chot had lined up for almost four hours because Comelec officials told him to still try to vote. Comelec documented his case. I wonder how many more cases like Chot’s have been brought to our election officials’ attention. Sayang ang oras na nakapila at di naka-boto!

Aside from Chot, another disenfranchised voter appeared to be musician JIM PAREDES, who early this afternoon, also tweeted that he wasn’t able to vote after he searched the Comelec website and didn’t find his name and precint. I had asked Leah Navarro to tell him that there were cases like his and Jim should just go to his precint and have the BEI look through the master list of voters. I have yet to get an update if Jim was able to vote at all.

I hope Comelec has a good explanation on why these cases happened. Tsk, tsk.


2 Responses to “From a disenfranchised voter…”

  1. cesca said

    another disenfranchised voter, Richard Sanz, Pres and CEO of Bibingkinitan.

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