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Gordon casts vote in Olongapo, start of historic polls ‘could have been better’

Posted by akosistella on May 10, 2010


OLONGAPO CITY, Philippines—It took Senator Richard Gordon, author of the country’s election automation law, some seven minutes to complete his ballot when he cast his vote on Monday morning.

He did not encounter any problems. The counting machine quickly accepted his ballot.

But Gordon, who is also running for president, said the conduct of the country’s first automated election, which he said would be a “game changer,” could have been better.

via INQUIRER.net.


Expect a flood of demands for recount from losing candidates
By Roberto Verzola

The PCOS fiasco a few days before the May 10 elections has shattered the credibility not only of election automation, but of the entire electoral process itself.

The entire process hinges on an accurate count by the PCOS machine.

In fact, COMELEC specifications require at least 99.995 percent accuracy, or at most one error for every 20,000 marks or around 600 ballots.

Via GMA News.TV

AND: 328 defective poll machines detected so far — Smartmatic


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