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How to vote (graphics/video)

Posted by akosistella on May 10, 2010

(Via GMA News TV)

For more guidelines, click GMANews.TV


1. When you receive your ballot, you will be asked to affix your thumbmark in the registration book. Kindly wipe your thumb before you touch the ballot so as not to smudge it and waste your vote. Pls. bring wet wipes or facial tissues.

2. Also, pls. bring a valid ID (passport, government IDs-SSS or Driver’s License, voter’s ID, your voter’s slip if you still haven’t received your voter’s ID), water for constant rehydration, your baon (nothing greasy that could dirty your ballot), and an umbrella to protect you from the heat or rain. It is advisable to wear light-colored clothing.

3. Campaigning is already prohibited as per Comelec rules. So if you are a candidate or a supporter of any of the candidates running in today’s elections, please refrain from wearing/using any campaign paraphernalia (T-shirts w/ candidate’s name and/or image or photo of the candidate, baller IDs w/ candidate’s name, caps/fans with name, pins w/ name). Cover the campaign stickers on your car if you can’t remove them. Remove all streamers from your vehicles.

Another video on how to vote (in Tagalog)


Above all, bring ‘codigo’ to the voting precincts

BRING your trusty “codigos.”

The Department of Education (DepEd) yesterday advised voters to bring a “codigo” or list of their candidates, valid identification card, bottled water and “abaniko” or fan, and to wear light clothes when they vote today.

The Comelec has said the codigo will prove handy as a voter will not be allowed to stay in a poll precinct for more than 10 minutes.

Via Malaya


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