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Melo urges voters to shun guns, goons, gold

Posted by akosistella on May 10, 2010


MANILA, Philippines — Commission on Elections Chairman Jose Melo has declared that Comelec is 98 percent ready to hold the national automated elections on Monday and urged voters to resist the lure of guns, goons and gold on the historic day.

Melo assured Filipino voters that the elections, which hurdled time constraints and technical and legal obstacles, would proceed as planned.

“We have a reason to smile. Our big problem, which caused this big worry are the CF (compact flash) cards. Now, all the voting machines, all the ballots, all the ballot boxes are in place. They are in the voting places,” Melo said in a press briefing at the Comelec command center at the Philippine International Convention Center.

“Go to the precincts early. Go to the polling precincts prepared. Don’t be intimidated, don’t sell your votes. We should keep this election as clean as possible,” he reminded voters.

via INQUIRER.net.


New way to buy votes: Pay voter to stay away

PNP chief Director General Jesus Verzosa has alerted the 130,000-strong police force to be on the lookout for possible election vote buying at the precinct level.

Verzosa ordered PNP unit commanders to field intelligence operatives to monitor the activities of persons engaged in vote-buying and vote-selling activities.

“This is currently the most common form of vote buying in our election history. Before, candidates would pay voters to vote for them, this time, voters are paid not to vote. In effect, these voters are paid to waive their right to vote,” Verzosa said.

Via Malaya

Elections worrywarts set up poll observation centers

MANILA, Philippines — Despite assurances from the Commission on Elections, election automation worrywarts are bracing themselves for the worst.

The Halalang Marangal (Honorable Elections), through its secretary-general, information technology expert Roberto Verzola, urged the public to carefully watch the final testing and sealing of the PCOS machines, after the storing of the reconfigured compact flash memory cards, and report to media and election monitors any discrepancy between the machine and the manual counts.

Halalang Marangal includes among its convenors former Sen. Wigberto Tañada, former Comelec commissioner Mehol Sadain, and retired General Francisco Gudani.

via Inquirer.net


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