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President, vice president, senators likely known by today

Posted by akosistella on May 11, 2010


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MANILA, Philippines — The Filipino nation will know the next President, vice president and the 12 new senators of the republic by Tuesday, according to the Smartmatic TIM, the technology partner of the Commission on Elections in the country’s first ever automated elections.

Cesar Flores, spokesman of the Smartmatic TIM, projected on Monday night that 80 percent of the results would be in by Tuesday and that would show a clearer picture of the winners in the presidential, vice presidential and senatorial races.

“When you wake up tomorrow (Tuesday) about 80 percent of the results are transmitted. You will have a very clear trend on who will be the next president, vice president, and senators,” he said in a joint press conference with the Commission on Elections.

via INQUIRER.net.

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Pacquiao smiles about early results of congressional bid

GEN. SANTOS CITY, Philippines — A cell phone on his left hand, a hand-held radio on his right and two more cell phones on the table, Manny Pacquiao was a one-man communication center at his mansion late Monday afternoon.

But he wasn’t complaining. He was even smiling.

Reason: His poll watchers spread out all over Sarangani province have been relaying good news. Their exit polls have shown the seven-division champion is going to win by landslide.

Via Inquirer.net


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