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Posted by akosistella on May 13, 2010


Phil. Star: Start canvassing now

Critics, including big business groups, said yesterday that they were happy to be wrong about poll automation. The Commission on Elections, in a dramatic shift after many years of being on the receiving end of public scorn, is reaping accolades for pulling off the country’s first automated elections. An international credit rating agency said yesterday that the smooth vote and a clear victory for the next president could lead to a rating upgrade for the country, which will be a boon for business.

via Philippine Star.

Inquirer: Repudiation

The public expectation, initially boosted by the Commission on Elections, was the local races would be settled within 24 hours, the senatorial race within 48, and the presidential and vice-presidential contests within 72 hours. As it is, the Comelec has ended up pleading with the public for patience and promises that senatorial proclamations will be done by the end of election week. In the meantime, the vice-presidential contest remains too close to call although the presidential contest has been settled.

via Inquirer.net

Malaya: Why not the best and the brightest?

SOMEBODY who probably wants to sink the incoming administration of Noynoy Aquino is sending text messages showing the purported make-up of the next Cabinet. There is a sprinkling of inspired choices, but most of the names compose a recycled set of the most incompetent members of her mother’s Cabinet.

Via Malaya

Manila Times: Good 2010 elections, a GMA legacy

Yesterday, Malacañang commended the Commission on Elections and all those who helped ensure the success of the country’s first-ever automated polls. “We thank the Lord above and commend the Comelec, the hundreds of thousands of teachers and other civil servants who worked on the polls, and our gallant policemen and soldiers for the unprecedented speed of election tallies, their growing acceptance by the voters and even losing candidates and the dramatic decline in poll violence,” Presidential Spokesperson Ricardo Saludo only one day after the elections. In previous elections, when things went relatively well, such thanksgiving could only be made at least two weeks after election day.

Via Manila Times

Daily Tribune: 1986 all over again

It isn’t 1986 but 2010, but it might as well be 1986 all over again.

Sen. Noynoy Aquino, when he is proclaimed President-elect by Congress, plans for the first 100 days to start prosecuting corrupt officials, saying “I will not only not steal, but I’ll have the corrupt arrested.”

Via Daily Tribune


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