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Random Manual Audit may take a month to complete, PPCRV says

Posted by akosistella on May 13, 2010


The Random Manual Audit (RMA) of over 1,000 precincts nationwide might take over a month to finish partly because of delays in the delivery of the reports to the Commission on Elections in Manila, the RMA Technical Working Group (TWG) said late Wednesday.

According to the RMA-TWG Chair Henrietta De Villa, officers conducting the RMA in the provinces are waiting for the rest of the precincts in their district to finish their respective reports before sending these to the Comelec, stalling the TWG’s evaluation.

“[We urge them] not to wait for the other reporters… baka kasi nagtitipid sa cost of sending, kaya aantayin lahat ng report na matapos sa kanilang [district]… eh isang taon pa kami mag-aantay niyan (They might be scrimping on the cost of sending, that’s why they’re waiting for all reports to finish in their district. But we’ll be waiting the whole year for that),” De Villa told reporters.

via GMANews.TV.


PPCRV yet to tally votes due to delays in delivery of ERs

Election watchdog Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV) cannot still start tallying the votes cast in last Monday’s automated elections due to the delay in the delivery of election returns (ERs).

“The delivery of the ERs is taking longer than expected, so we will not yet be able to [determine if the results tally]. So far we only have data from [six areas],” said Anna de Villa-Singson, PPCRV’s communications head.

As a government-accredited citizen’s arm, the PPCRV is using two sources for its partial unofficial tally: election results electronically transmitted to its servers directly from the election machines, and the 4th and 27th copy of printed ERs delivered through courier.

Via GMANews.TV


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