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Can someone explain this ER?

Posted by akosistella on May 14, 2010


Manila Times columnist Dan Mariano shared this on his Facebook page. The election return is questionable considering that the elections were held on May 10, 2010. But scroll down to the end of the document and check out what date the polls closed (enclosed in red). I hope Comelec or Smartmatic reps can explain this.


No irregularities in manual audit of 100 precincts—Comelec

MANILA, Philippines – There have been no discrepancies reported between the automated results of the elections and the random manual audit conducted in 100 of the selected 1,145 clustered precincts nationwide, a commissioner of the Commission on Elections disclosed Friday.

Commissioner Gregorio Larrazabal also said that they were willing to provide the public with the list of precincts that would undergo random manual audit, as stated in Comelec Resolution 8837.

“We’re being transparent. We’re giving you the data so you will know,” Larrazabal said.

via INQUIRER.net.


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