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Posted by akosistella on May 17, 2010


Manila Times: Mandatory cleanup

IT’S been a week since the country’s first automated elections, and the count is winding down—a welcome surprise for Filipinos who have long waited for weeks, even months, for the results of one of the most democratic polls this side of the globe.

But what has yet to transpire is an honest-to-goodness cleanup of the election paraphernalia that accumulated on walls, lamp posts and other public spaces.

Via Manila Times

Malaya: Gloria’s delusion

RARELY do we agree with Gloria Arroyo’s apple polishers, but this time we are with presidential spokesman Ricardo Saludo when he said Noynoy Aquino must be kidding when he said Gloria Arroyo, not Kris Arroyo, should go on self-exile. Noynoy was commenting on a promise of Kris during the campaign that she would leave the country if her presence became a liability to her brother’s presidency.

via Business Insight Malaya.

Daily Tribune: Noynoy makes Gloria look good

As the days go by, Noynoy Aquino and his conquering yellow horde are making Gloria, who is passing on as the most hated president ever, look good.

Noynoy, not yet proclaimed even as a president-elect, is spewing out divisive statements almost by the hour.

Via Daily Tribune

Phil. Star: Sore losers

In record time, the Commission on Elections proclaimed the other day nine of the 12 candidates who have won Senate seats. The nine, whose votes were tallied from precincts all over the country, are from different political parties. Neither the candidates nor their parties are complaining about electronic cheating, missing flash cards, disenfranchisement of their supporters, and human or mechanical errors.

Via Phil. Star

Inquirer: Prophet

THE country’s 22nd Chief Justice turns 70 today, and in accordance with a specific constitutional provision will retire from the judiciary. It is unfortunate, however, that Chief Justice Reynato Puno’s last days in office have been stained by the controversy over the naming of his successor (a misfortune Puno is not entirely innocent of). In his 17 years on the Supreme Court, in the pivotal year of 2001 and in his three-and-a-half years as head of the judicial branch of government, Puno led an exemplary judge’s life.

Via Inquirer


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