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Posted by akosistella on May 17, 2010


President Noy should pick his battles

Candidate Noynoy should transition smoothly to President Noynoy. This early, he must make it clear to his followers that he must now pick his battles. The worse thing that could happen is for the incoming President to be seen as politically vindictive. He has to be a unifying influence, the President of all Pinoys.

A deluge of problems will greet him after he takes his oath of office. He has to fight battles on many fronts. That’s why he must carefully select the battles that will command his full personal attention. He needs to establish his credentials a little more strongly and a little more quickly given the general observation that he won on sheer emotional appeal of his parents.

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Noynoy faces first midnight contract
AS I SEE IT By Neal Cruz

PRESIDENT-to-be Noynoy Aquino is dead set against midnight appointments, including that of the Chief Justice, and said that he would have the courts nullify the last-minute appointments made by President Macapagal-Arroyo as GMA’s father, President Diosdado Macapagal, did with the midnight appointments of his predecessor, President Carlos P. Garcia. I assume he would do the same thing to midnight contracts. Here is the first case which, if not nipped in the bud, would mean the loss of half a billion pesos of the people’s money.

This is already the last two minutes of the present administration, but a cabal still wants to push through with a last-minute deal for the construction of the P1.52-billion Panglao Airport Project in Bohol, a project of the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA). To do this, the Prequalification, Bidding and Awards Committee (PBAC) wants to disqualify the lowest bidder to be able to award the contract to the highest, but favored, bidder

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The mandate
THE LONG VIEW By Manuel L. Quezon III

BACK in April 2009, Rep. Raul T. Gonzalez Jr. filed a bill proposing a “surgical” constitutional amendment to permit run-off elections for the presidency three weeks after the May 10 polls if no candidate achieved 50 percent. I’ve long been a proponent of run-off elections as a more democratic alternative to turning back the clock to the old two-party system (and with the Indonesian experience in mind).

Had Gonzalez’s bill been taken seriously the country would be gearing up for a showdown between Benigno Aquino III and Joseph Ejercito Estrada, with the end result being a president the country would know was supported by at least fully half of the electorate.

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Preview of GMA’s Speakership style
GOTCHA By Jarius Bondoc

Luckily for the country, Arroyo’s chances of becoming Speaker are slim. The very money politics she employed to buy congressmen’s loyalty is now working against her. Although a hundred party pals came to dinner at Malacañang Thursday, she could count only 30 diehards, like her son Mikey. Others were there only because of talk of P500,000 in gift bags, like the ones she gave out yearly to avert impeachment. Arroyo is way below the minimum 141 votes needed to become Speaker. Her old allies no longer want to be seen with her, lest they upset Aquino. It’s still the next President who’ll disburse their P70-million-a-year pork barrel. That’s despite their sly rider in the 2010 budget law giving control of pork releases to the Speaker, whom they had thought would be Arroyo.

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Fast count, but was it correct?
By Ducky Paredes

WAS the first nation-wide automated election a success?

Probably. It certainly was a fast count; in previous elections, at this time, we would still be waiting for most of the provincial tallies to come in and we would know only sometime in June who our president would be.

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A brewing crisis
By Ellen Tordesillas

IT looks like there would be no boring moments in the Noynoy Aquino presidency.

This early fireworks are starting to be lighted in the controversy of Gloria Arroyo’s appointment of Renato Corona as Supreme Court chief justice succeeding Reynaldo Puno who retires today.

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Hocus PCOS
FRONTLINE By Ninez Cacho-Olivares

There were just too many securities features disabled and done away with for the automated elections by both the Commission on Elections Comelec and Smartmatic to make it easy for massive automated cheating to come into play.Just days before the polls, with the announcement that some 2,000 flash cards having been found defective, Smartmatic pulled all the cards and had some 76,000 flash cards supposedly imported and reconfigured for election day. Why all, when only 2,000 were found defective?

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