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Bernas to Aquino: Recognize Corona appointment

Posted by akosistella on May 20, 2010


MANILA, Philippines – Leading presidential contender Senator Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III should recognize the appointment of Chief Justice Renato Corona, an expert on the Constitution said Wednesday.

Constitutionalist Father Jose Bernas SJ said that Aquino should accept the appointment of Corona to the chief justice post to avoid a constitutional crisis.

Bernas said, despite Aquino not wanting to take his oath of office from Corona, he believes the incoming president will respect the appointment made by outgoing President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

Bernas, one of the authors of the 1987 Constitution, explained that even if he is opposed to the Supreme Court’s decision on the controversial appointment ban, the High Court should still be respected.

Aside from the appointment ban, he is also opposed to the decision of the SC on the executive privilege of current Social Security Systems President Romulo Neri in relation to the NBN-ZTE telecommunications scandal, and the division of a congressional district in Camarines Sur favoring presidential son Rep. Diosdado “Dato” Macapagal Arroyo.

He said Corona should now be given a chance to prove himself, saying that he is giving the new chief justice the benefit of the doubt, and that he is his own man. (Report from Timi Nubla, ABS-CBN News)


Aquino may take oath before senior justice

LEGAZPI CITY , Philippines – Sen. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III is likely to take his oath as the country’s next president before one of the senior justices of the Supreme Court (SC) or the Court of Appeals (CA), former senator Victor Ziga said yesterday.

Ziga, who served as a Cabinet member of the late President Corazon Aquino, said the younger Aquino would follow what his mother did.

Ziga said Cory took her oath in 1986, not before then chief justice Ramon Aquino, but before Claudio Teehankee, the most senior magistrate in the SC.

Via Phil. Star

Opposition to Corona still rankles
• Ex-gov’t execs add voice; lawyer hits media blitz

FORMER Cabinet and other senior government officials of the Marcos, Aquino, Ramos, Estrada and Arroyo administrations yesterday added their voices to those opposing the appointment of Renato Corona as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

The Former Senior Government Officials (FSGO) said Corona’s appointment is “unethical and smacked of lack of decency and utter disregard for the results of the May 10 automated elections.”

“So much has been said to justify the appointment of Justice Renato Corona as lawful, but Malacañang’s apologists have completely missed the point. What is legal is not necessarily ethical,” they said in a statement.

via Malaya

EARLIER: Can barangay captain administer oath to Noynoy?


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