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Locsin set to dismiss poll fraud testimonies

Posted by akosistella on May 28, 2010


(Via ABS-CBN News online)


‘Whistleblowers’ keeping identities of poll cheats
GOTCHA By Jarius Bondoc

Here comes another whistleblower, or is it whistle-botcher. Admin stalwart Manuel Morato loudly testified in Congress that seven men had offered to cheat for his presidential bet Gilbert Teodoro for a fee. Details spiced up his tale. Four of the offerers were Comelec regional directors who hold sway over 14 regions. They initially asked for P1 billion to manipulate the automated results, but later settled for P750 million. Payment plan: P250 million down, then P400 million, and balance of P100 million after the election. Morato said he didn’t bite, but knew they were not con artists but “for real.” Yet when asked who the four poll officials were, he couldn’t recall because he left his notes at home. He vividly recounted, though, that he jotted down only the nicknames of two of the four, “Artie” and “Bong”.

Rep. Teddy Locsin told Morato to visit the Comelec office to possibly spot his suspects, like an eyewitness before a police lineup. No one in the House panel on electoral reforms bothered to test out the witness. He was not asked the clincher: how come he clearly remembered circumstances of the meeting with the poll cheats, yet forgot to bring his notes?

Via Jarius Bondoc


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