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Where To Now, Mar?

Posted by akosistella on June 12, 2010


By Leo Alejandrino

Mar is not our Vice-President. This breaks my heart not for anything but because he is a friend of the Filipino and the Filipino did not know it.

The nation did not see the humility, honor and character when Mar stepped aside in favor of Noynoy, giving up years of preparation and a legacy laid 50 years ago by his family.

The majority of Filipinos did not recognize that Mar is honest and truly caring for this nation, the best qualified and intentioned, a good man.

They did not appreciate that by denying Mar the Vice-Presidency they denied Noy, a President they so dearly want to succeed, of a key ally for reform.

I am saddened because it confirms my worst fears that the Filipino time and again is his own worst enemy in choosing (or in this case not choosing) his leaders.

via Wired.


2 Responses to “Where To Now, Mar?”

  1. gerry said


  2. Gabby said

    Huwag mong sisihin ang mga Pilipino sa pagkatalo ni Mar dahil binoto nila si Mar. Ang Aquino Camp (including da sisters and Cojuangco’s), Comelec, Smartmatic, America, Chiz Ezcudero, atbp… ang dahilan ng pagkatalo ni Mar. DINAYA SYA!!! PINAGKAISAHAN SIYA.

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