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Posted by akosistella on May 4, 2010


All over but the voting
THERE’S THE RUB By Conrado de Quiros

It’s all over but the voting. That’s so for the presidential race at least. It’s so not just because Manny Villar’s numbers are swiftly falling, it’s so because Noynoy Aquino’s numbers are swiftly rising.

Via Conrado de Quiros

Malaya Editorial: Who he?

We have long known Delgado. He likes to tilt at windmills, but as a good finance man, he knows how to conduct due diligence. While Napocor president, he exposed the P27 billion overcharging of the Manila Electric Co. Meralco threw everything at him except the kitchen sink. In the end, Delgado’s claim of Meralco overcharging was affirmed by the Supreme Court. Up to now, Meralco has still to complete reimbursing the excess charges.

In the case of Noynoy’s fake psychological evaluation, clearly Delgado shot himself in the foot. But he’s old enough to face the consequences of what he did.

via Malaya.

The ‘religious’ side of politics

Now that another religious leader failed to get his dream alliance of “orange” forces through, how will he position his “charismatic” following in this crazy amalgam of politics and religion? Would he follow the lead of Pastor Quiboloy, or would he also go consulting Jamby’s swami? Would he try to ask the mambunong how he reads anything out of pig bile, or would he just stick it out with his realtor-friend, come hell or high water? It’s a dilemma, surely not at all a moral one.

Via Lito Banayo

Two of our few good men and women
AS I WRECK THIS CHAIR By William M. Esposo

Cory utilized the meeting to seek my help in selecting Jimmy Ferrer’s replacement. Many desired the powerful position but as we went through the possible suitable candidates — both Cory and your Chair Wrecker realized that we had very few good men and women to choose from.

I could never forget the expression on Cory’s face when she said: “You see Billy, how few good people we have.” Her expression reflected the hardship of an earnest reformer who felt that she did not have the talent pool of trustworthy candidates for public office that’s required in order to accomplish her mission.

Via William Esposo

Venom, bile, and Vista Land

First, they had the pedigreed take to the gutter to peddle the fallacy of double appropriations where there were none.

Where the electorate is easily awed by class and titled names followed by alphabet soup, many realized too late that there were two different roads — one, an elevated toll way, another, a critical ground-level freeway.

Click Dean dela Paz

For better or worse
To Take A Stand — By Rafael M. Alunan III

Six days from now we will troop to the precincts in the most important election yet in the history of our country. Around 50 million Filipino voters will decide who their next national and local leaders will be for the next three to six years. For the first time in history, an automated election system (AES) will be used nationwide. Will it be ready to produce swift and accurate election results unlike previous manualized elections?

Click Rafael Alunan III

Daily Tribune editorial: ‘Crazy’

Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales, asked by reporters if the leaders of the Catholic church would call for, or support, another people power revolt — following calls from Liberal Party (LP) standard bearer, Sen. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino, that should he be cheated out of his presidential victory, he would mount street protests that would be worse than the undeclared civil war in Thailand — called this position taken by Noynoy “crazy. Crazy. Crazy,” adding that issuing out calls like these is irresponsible.

Via Daily Tribune

Questioning surveys
FRONTLINE By Ninez Cacho Olivares

It’s amazing how, this late in the survey game, the firms that conduct these surveys admit that surveys are not predictive of the results of the presidential elections — nor for that matter, the senatorial polls, which incidentally, they hardly get right, as far as the last four to six bets’ rankings and getting into the Magic 12, go.

It’s just as amazing that there is today an admission that, even a week in campaign politics can change the standings of the surveyed candidates.

CLick Ninez Cacho Olivares


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Rep. Teddyboy Locsin endorses Sen. MAR Roxas as Vice President

Posted by akosistella on May 3, 2010

AS per Rep. Locsin’s camp, Makati Mayor Jojo Binay – who is running for Vice Presidential under the team headed by deposed President Joseph Estrada – has been preventing the airing of this ad. It’s safe to say that Locsin, who belongs to the same political party as Binay, has seen up close the Makati Mayor’s questionable methods of governance.

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GMA News Special Report: Manny Villar’s Tondo roots were ‘definitely middle class’

Posted by akosistella on April 26, 2010


According to Manuel Villar Sr.’s salary record in 1961 as a rising official in the then-Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources, he was earning P448 a month or P5376 a year. It does not sound like much but the value of money was much different then. The minimum wage was four pesos a day, and an eight-ounce soft drink was 10 centavos or less. The elder Villar was earning an average of P22 a day.

Significantly, according to a household income survey in 1961 conducted by the National Statistics Office, the average annual individual income in that year was only P1,105. In other words, Manny Villar’s father was earning nearly five times the average income at the time.

Using the consumer price index from both 1961 and 2009 available on the National Statistics Office web site, we calculated the equivalent of P448 in 1961 to be P35,392 in today’s money, Manuel Villar Sr.’s monthly salary when adjusted for inflation. His rank in the civil service then was Budget Officer III.

Even in 1957, when the candidate says the family was much poorer, his father was earning P3960 a year at a time when the average individual income was P924 per annum.

via GMANews.TV.

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Saycon tags DND chief in junta plan

Posted by akosistella on April 19, 2010


CAGAYAN DE ORO, Philippines—Is Defense Secretary Norberto Gonzales preparing the military for the possible failure of election of a president on May 10 and the takeover of a junta?

This is the question raised by Pastor “Boy” Saycon of the Council for Philippine Affairs (Copa) based on what he describes as an “A-1 report” from field officers in the Armed Forces of the Philippines following quarterly battalion assessments by Gonzales.

“Since when has it been the official function of the DND secretary to conduct battalion assessment with battalion commanders in the AFP? Is he now functioning also as the chief of staff of the AFP? Does Gen. Delfin Bangit know anything about this?” Saycon asked in a recent interview with the Inquirer.

via INQUIRER.net.


Gordon seeks Comelec action on TV ads

MANILA, Philippines—Senator Richard Gordon is asking why the Commission on Elections (Comelec) has not acted on reports that his rivals in the presidential race—Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III and Manuel Villar—may have already overspent on television ads.

While Aquino and Villar may have exceeded the legal limit, TV ads of Sen. Maria Ana Consuelo “Jamby” Madrigal, an independent presidential candidate, have finally gotten airtime, which she claims has been cornered by the two over the past two months.

On Saturday, ABS-CBN started airing Madrigal’s 30-second TV ads on prime time. The same infomercials will be aired shortly by GMA 7.

Via Inquirer.net

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Who junked compassion and decency?

Posted by akosistella on April 10, 2010


By Solita Collas Monsod

HERE IS A CANDIDATE RUNNING FOR THE highest office in the land, whose entire campaign is based on two themes: the first is that he rose, literally from the gutter, to conquer poverty, and that having done so, he can do the same for his fellow Filipinos. Been there, done that. The second is that his motives for running for the presidency are of the purest—he wants to repay the country for the blessings he has received. In any case, it is definitely not a desire to enrich himself—because if he wanted to make more money, all he needed to do was to just go back to his business, where he has made oodles of it.

TV viewers and radio listeners have heard these messages over and over again, and not unnaturally, the question arose: Is this for real? I say not unnaturally, because his credibility and his integrity had just come into question over road projects—C-5 Extension and Daang Hari among them—that just happened to pass through several of his subdivisions. I had done research on the C-5 Extension controversy, and the results are for anyone interested to see or read, thanks to the Internet, so that it should suffice to say that Sen. Manny Villar didn’t come out too well on that issue. It follows that one would be interested in verifying the basis of the Villar campaign theme as well.

Click Winnie Monsod.

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Posted by akosistella on April 9, 2010



My son-in-law thought Money Villarroyo’s new ad, featuring the “reversible scroll” where a woman reads a lament, followed by Villarroyo’s positive spin of the same lamentations, was “great.” When we were on the road for the Holy Week holidays, he asked if I had seen it on TV, and I hadn’t. Two days later, the internet was inundated with mail describing how the reversible scroll, which won a Cannes award for political advertising in 2006, was “plagiarized” by Villar’s “creative artists” from the ad of presidential candidate Ricardo Lopez Murphy in Argentina.

“Peke talaga”, the Erap camp chimed in, describing the Villarroyo ad as a “cheap rip-off of the original”. But the punchline, which is where Erap is the unbeatable communications expert, is this: “Infringed ads produce replicated results…Senator Villar will come in third in the May 10 elections, a fate similar to Lopez Murphy.” Ouch!

Now this is certainly the “creative artists” original sin. If Villarroyo could not fault them for the ad where he ascribed his brother Danny’s unfortunate death to their family’s inability to pay, because that yarn must have come only from the candidate himself, this “scroll” plagiarism is certainly theirs. Surely the candidate was never informed that it was a poor case of “gaya-gaya”. Because likely, Villarroyo would have asked, “nanalo ba si Lopez Murphy sa Argentina?”


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Political advertisements boost Lopez media group revenues

Posted by akosistella on April 9, 2010


POLITICAL advertisements boosted revenue of the Lopez family-owned media company ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corp. in the first quarter of this year, its executives said.

Chief financial officer Rolando P. Valdueza, however, said they expect revenue contribution from the political ads to taper down beginning in the last week of April and the first week of May.

Valdueza said in January, the listed firm hit P1 billion in air time revenues, although this is lower by P200 million in 2007, also an election year.

“That is incremental air time revenue,” Valdueza said at the company’s investor briefing Thursday morning.

Advocacy ad revenue for that month he estimated to be close to P400 million.

Click BusinessMirror.

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Election laws abandoned in online campaigning

Posted by akosistella on April 8, 2010



WHAT regulations?

The Commission on Elections (Comelec) may be keeping tab on political ads in the broadcast and print media, but so far it has refrained from issuing guidelines on online campaigning.

This has helped lead to a digital free-for-all among candidates in the upcoming polls who have made the so-called New Media yet another battleground for votes.

These days, the number of Filipino Internet users is pegged at around 24 million and mobile phone users at around 63 million. Not surprisingly, candidates for both national and local posts have taken interest on those figures, and have been busy putting up complex, interactive websites of their own, even as they litter popular online publications, blogs and social networks with political propaganda. Text-blasting, or the sending of unsolicited SMS messages, appears to be on the rise as well.

Click Manila Times.

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Ad agency defends Villar ‘Scroll’ ad

Posted by akosistella on April 7, 2010


MANILA, Philippines – The ad agency of Nacionalista Party standard-bearer Sen. Manny Villar on Wednesday defended its “Scroll” TV ad, which has been widely compared to the “Truth Upside Down” political ad of Argentinian candidate Lopez Murphy in 2006.

In a statement, TBWA\Philippines admitted that it adapted the Villar ad from the Argentinian politician’s ad. The agency said it belongs to a worldwide network of ad agencies and that many of its ideas for ads have been adapted in several countries. Among its ideas are ads for adidas, Pedigree, Absolut, Apple and Nivea.

“The fact is, many ideas of the local agency have been adapted in many countries in our network, the most recent of which is the work it had done for Absolut vodka. That’s how powerful ideas become even more powerful,” the agency said.

Click ABS-CBN News Online Beta.


Noynoy, Villar helped Arroyo stay in power, says Erap son

For supposedly contributing to President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s rise to power, presidential aspirants Manuel Villar Jr. and Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III should apologize to the public and to former President Joseph “Erap” Estrada.

This was according to Estrada’s camp led by his son, San Juan City Mayor Jose Victor “JV” Ejercito, the vice president of the opposition party Pwersa ng Masang Pilipino (PMP) in Luzon.

“Why don’t they (Aquino, Villar) first admit they were wrong in contributing to President Estrada’s ouster and installing [President] Gloria to power? Why don’t they admit this was the reason why the Filipinos have been suffering for nine years under the Arroyo regime,” Ejercito read a prepared statement at a press conference on Wednesday.

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Comparing one Manny and the other

Posted by akosistella on April 7, 2010


By Greg Macabenta

Manny Pangilinan delivered a graduation speech at the Ateneo. It was subsequently revealed that substantial portions of the speech had been lifted from speeches of President Barack Obama, JK Rowling of Harry Potter fame, and Oprah Winfrey. It was a case of plagiarism.Learning of the embarrassing situation which he had unwittingly fallen into, Pangilinan did the honorable thing. He took full responsibility for the incident, apologized, and announced his resignation as chairman of the university’s board of trustees.What were his other options?He could have blamed his speech writers we understand that two young people had ghosted for Pangilinan, rather than his usual writers and he could have exploded with righteous indignation over the unwarranted stain on his honor and dignity.

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Estrada may benefit from Aquino-Villar mudslinging, says son

Posted by akosistella on April 7, 2010


MANILA, Philippines—Re-electionist Sen. Jinggoy Estrada says his father, deposed President Joseph Estrada, could emerge the winner in the mudslinging between leading presidential candidates Sen. Benigno Aquino III and Sen. Manuel Villar.

Jinggoy Estrada, the incumbent Senate president pro tempore, has expressed confidence in Joseph Estrada’s recent modest increase in his survey ratings while Aquino and Villar exchange barbs over who the secret administration candidate is between them.

“[It’s a] good sign. It means one is going down while we are going up,” Jinggoy Estrada said of the most recent Social Weather Stations survey that showed his father gaining four percentage points and Villar slipping by six.

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Erap camp says Villar ad a plagiarism

THE Pwersa ng Masang Pilipino (PMP) yesterday accused Nacionalista Party (NP) standard bearer Manuel Villar of plagiarism for copying a political ad called “Truth” used by Argentinian Ricardo Hipolito Lopez Murphy who ran for president in 2007.

Plagiarism is the use or close imitation of the language and thoughts of another author and the representation of them as one’s own original work.

“The concept, visual cues and even the execution are identical. There is no other way to describe Sen. Villar’s latest ad called Scroll but a cheap rip-off of the original,” PMP spokesman Ralph Calinisan said.

Click Malaya

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Lakas vows ‘intensified campaigning’ for Teodoro

Posted by akosistella on April 6, 2010


MANILA, Philippines – The administration party Lakas-Kampi-Christian Muslim Democrats (CMD) will rely heavily on its members to do an “intensified campaigning” for its standard-bearer Gilbert Teodoro, rather than on paid television and radio advertisements.

This was the consensus reached Tuesday among members of the national executive committee of the party who gathered in a show of unity and manifested anew their support for Teodoro and his slate.

President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo showed up at the meeting and ordered officers “to see to it that everything is moving smoothly.”

The party has been hounded recently by defections, resignations of top officials and alleged funding woes.

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Dimaporos of Lanao firm in support for Teodoro

DAVAO CITY, Philippines—Despite recent resignations of members from Lakas-Kampi-CMD, the influential Dimaporo family of Lanao del Norte announced that candidates of the administration party in the province remain a solid block of support for standard-bearer Gilbert “Gibo” Teodoro.

Provincial party chair Gov. Khalid Dimaporo, on Monday gathered party candidates and leaders from 22 municipalities of the Lanao del Norte in a meeting where they expressed their unfaltering support for Teodoro.

“We want to send a message that we are not affected by any negative media reports and that we are firm in our commitment to deliver a landslide victory for Lakas-Kampi-CMD here in Lanao del Norte,” Dimaporo said in a statement e-mailed to the INQUIRER.

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Posted by akosistella on April 6, 2010


Phil. Star : Overpriced

MANILA, Philippines – These are just folders made of blue polypropylene, 9.5 inches wide and 28 inches long, to be used for shielding voters from prying eyes as they fill out ballots on election day. Yet the Commission on Elections nearly paid P380 for each of the so-called ballot secrecy folders. The amount was reportedly what the Comelec believed had been recommended by its Bids and Awards Committee, with the deal to supply 1.8 million ballot secrecy folders awarded through negotiated contract to OTC Paper Supply.

Click Philippine Star.

Malaya: Girlie to the rescue

GIRLIE Villarosa, deputy speaker and Gloria Arroyo’s constant foreign travel companion, yesterday said she has been directed by the party’s head to stop defections and to solve the lack of funding that are plaguing the Lakas Kampi ruling party. We wish her all the luck.

Click Malaya

Inquirer: Plagiarism

The case of tycoon Manuel V. Pangilinan, who was recently involved in a plagiarism controversy, points up the risk one takes when he enlists the help of a ghostwriter or an assistant in writing a speech. Unless his assistant is a very trustworthy person, he cannot be sure that the former will not commit plagiarism.

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It’s Villar who should apologize

Posted by akosistella on April 6, 2010



What were the “distortions”, Senator Money?

“During an emergency case, you go to the nearest hospital and bother later where to get the money to pay the bill”, after stating that Danny was admitted into the “charity ward” of FEU Hospital.

Laki ako sa Maynila, Senator Money. The nearest hospitals to your North Balut digs were: Sta. Rita Hospital in Gagalangin, owned by the Albanos, Emmanuel Hospital, a Protestant-owned and run hospital on Jose Abad Santos (then Reina Regente) in Tondo, or Mary Johnston (also with a charity ward, and where Joseph Estrada was born, fronting the parochial school young Manny attended since Grade One), and even San Lazaro Hospital (a government-owned free hospital near Tayuman and Avenida Rizal). These are nearer to Balut or Navotas than FEU Hospital. And all these were far cheaper than FEU. There is another hospital nearer, UST Hospital, which costs about the same as FEU.


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Usapang pera

Posted by akosistella on April 6, 2010


By Ellen Tordesillas

Usapang peraTinawagan ko kahapon si dating congressman Prospero “Butch” Pichay tungkol sa kumakalat na tsismis na kaya daw walang pera para sa kampanyan ng mga senador at walang perang pambigay sa mga local na kandidato dahil binulsa raw niya ang pera.

Natawa lang si Pichay, na tumakbong senador noong 2007. “Nag-abono na nga ako ng P20 milyon. Tapos sabihin binulsa ko?”

Sabi ni Pichay ang kanyang assignment sa Lakas-Kampi-CMD ay mga senador. Si Local Governments Secretary Ronaldo Puno ang nag-manage ng kampanya ni presidential candidate Gilbert Teodoro at Vice Presidential candidate Edu Manzano.

Sabi ni Pichay P90 milyon lang daw ang binigay sa kanya para sa anim na kandidato ng Lakas-Kampi-CMD para senador na sina: re-electionists Lito Lapid at Bong Revilla, radio broadcaster Rey Langit, dating cabinet Secretary Silvestre Bello III, Raul Lambino, at Ramon Guico, mayor ng Binalonan at presidente ng Mayor and League of Municipalities President.

Sabi ni Pichay kulang na kulang ang P90 milyon sa anim na kandidato. Hindi pa raw nagsimula ang kampanya para sa mga kandidato sa mga nasyunal na posisyon noong Pebrero 9, halos ubos na ang P90 milyon na yun.

Click Ellen Tordesillas.


Villarosa blames Pichay for Lakas fund woes

MANILA, Philippines—Deputy Speaker Ma. Amelita Villarosa has blamed one of the administration party’s chief campaigners, Prospero Pichay, for problems on the allocation of funds to bankroll the campaign of its senatorial candidates.

“It’s Butch Pichay who handles the senatorial funds. I will ask Butch how funds are allocated or how these are handled,” Villarosa, the new chair of the ruling party, said in Lubao, Pampanga.

While saying that funds were solely the concern of Pichay, Villarosa said the party was not inclined to give cash to its national or local candidates.

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