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In tight VP race, Cebu could be the difference

Posted by akosistella on May 15, 2010


Cebu province could hold the key to the vice presidential race, having by far the most number of uncounted votes, according to an analysis of the GMA tally of election returns as of Friday afternoon.

Sen. Mar Roxas, whose family roots are in Capiz, has predicted that the final count in the Visayas, his home region, will enable him to overtake current leader Makati Mayor Jojo Binay, who leads his rival by just 804,000 votes with 90 percent of votes counted.

In vote-rich Cebu, Roxas has gotten three out of five counted votes, while one out of five has gone to Binay, with most of the rest going to third-placer Loren Legarda, giving an inkling of how the rest of the province could go.

via GMANews.TV.


The historic TV5-SWS Exit Poll
SOCIAL CLIMATE By Mahar Mangahas

LAST MONDAY’S TV5-SWS EXIT POLL, DONE by Social Weather Stations in cooperation with the Ateneo School of Government (ASoG), the National Citizens’ Movement for Free Elections (Namfrel) and the Legal Network for Truthful Elections (Lente), under sponsorship of the PLDT-SMART Foundation in behalf of the Associated Broadcasting Company, was a first in Philippine opinion research.

The TV5-SWS Exit Poll pioneered in surveying voters in the open, upon leaving the voting centers (VCs), rather than in the privacy of their homes after returning from voting, as had been done before.

A home-based exit poll has the advantage of avoiding harassment by partisans, but the disadvantage of having to wait for voters to get home, hours after voting. With the advent of automated vote counting, the TV5-SWS Exit Poll adopted the VC-based type of exit poll, as used in advanced democracies, to hasten completion and reporting to the public.

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Alleged fertilizer scam point man loses gubernatorial bid in Capiz

Posted by akosistella on May 14, 2010


CEBU CITY — It’s official: Capiz reelectionist Gov. Victor Tanco (Liberal Party) has won his reelection bid against the controversial former agriculture undersecretary Jocelyn “Jocjoc” Bolante, the alleged architect of the fertilizer scam.

Bolante lost not only the gubernatorial post but a chance to gain political vindication from the public drubbing that he got when he was made to face a Senate inquiry on the fertilizer scam. The Senate hearings had recommended charges to be filed against him and several government officials.

Likely president-elect, Sen. Benigno Aquino III and Sen. Mar Roxas, a native of Capiz and Aquino’s running mate under the Liberal Party, personally campaigned in the province against the election bid of Bolante.

via INQUIRER.net.


Dy beats Padaca in Isabela’s race for governor

ILAGAN, Isabela, Philippines —- Rep. Faustino Dy III derailed the reelection bid of Gov. Maria Gracia Cielo Padaca after votes from the two remaining Isabela towns were canvassed by the provincial board of canvassers at past 7 p.m. Thursday.

Dy, whose brothers were defeated by Padaca in the 2004 and 2007 gubernatorial races, received 274,757 votes while Padaca got 271,319 votes from 35 towns and one city.

Padaca was leading by at least 3,000 votes on Thursday afternoon before votes from Angadanan and Palanan towns were received by the PBOC.

Via Inquirer.net

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Poll results as per this morning’s Comelec presscon

Posted by akosistella on May 11, 2010


Aquino leads in 30 million of votes cast (of estimated total 50 million registered voters.)

Partial Comelec tally as per 615 am

Results before the presscon:

As pf 5:22 a.m.

As per Comelec chairman Jose Melo, they will be able to proclaim the winner in the presidential race by 12 noon. For president, vice president, senators, “We have 30 million of estimated 50 million registered voters,” as per Melo. Anthony Taberna of DZMM/ANC results so far are based from 90% of NCR ballots cast, Panay region 60%. In Capiz, Roxas wins in all districts except for two.

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Posted by akosistella on April 27, 2010


‘Poll watchers getting advance pay in GMA district’

LUBAO, Pampanga , Philippines – Liberal Party (LP) re-electionist Gov. Eddie Panlilio urged yesterday the Commission on Elections (Comelec) to investigate reports that his gubernatorial rival has been paying advance salaries ranging from P1,500 to P4,000 monthly to people who will act as poll watchers in the second district of Pampanga, where President Arroyo is the official congressional candidate of Lakas-Kampi-CMD.

“I urge the Comelec in Pampanga and Central Luzon to check out reports that my fellow gubernatorial candidate, Mrs. Lilia Pineda, and her campaigners at the Lakas-Kampi-CMD are doing a massive recruitment of poll watchers beyond what is allowed by election laws,” the Pampanga governor said in a statement yesterday.

Panlilio said that a “first batch of poll watchers have been designated as barangay coordinators” and have been required by the Pineda camp to recruit 10 poll watchers each.

via Phil. Star

Rival seeks Ate Vi’s disqualification over oversized posters

The political rival of reelectionist Batangas Gov. Vilma Santos-Recto on Monday sought her disqualification over her supposedly oversized public service announcements placed all over the province.

In a five-page petition, former governor Armando Sanchez’s lawyer Ferdinand Topacio asked the Commission on Elections (Comelec) to disqualify Santos-Recto because her oversized posters clearly promote her candidacy.

“Ito po ay higanteng billboard na kasing lalaki po ng mga bahay, kasing lalaki ng mga gusali at pinapalusot po nila na public service ngunit obvious na obvious po na ito ay para sa kandidatura ni Gov. Santos-Recto (These are gigantic billboards the size of houses, the size of buildings, and they say that it is for public service when it’s so obvious that it is for the candidacy of Gov. Santos-Recto),” Topacio told reporters after filing the petition.

via GMANews.TV.

16-M votes from Bangon Pilipinas supporters—Yasay

MANILA, Philippines – “We will win,” Yasay confidently told ANC’s Headstart on Monday.

Yasay is the runningmate of Bro. Eduardo “Eddie” Villanueva who founded the religious group Jesus Is Lord Movement.

Yasay said somebody who wants change must win this election. “Change must happen, and it will only happen if you love God.”

via ABS-CBN news

Suspected NPAs harass LP bets in Capiz over unpaid campaign permits

ROXAS CITY, Capiz – Fifteen armed men believed to be members of the New People’s Army (NPA) disrupted a political caucus of the Liberal Party (LP) in Mambusao, Capiz, last Thursday, belated reports reaching the Capiz Police Provincial Office showed.

The reports disclosed that an armed man went up the stage in the hall of Barangay (village) Cala-agus, and grabbed the microphone from the master of ceremony.

The unidentified man announced that they were not allowing the holding of a caucus in the village due to the LP’s lack of permit to campaign (PTC), a safe conduct pass for a candidate to campaign in rebel-infested areas.

via Inquirer.net

Kontra Daya accuses Palparan of threatening leftist bets in Makati

The Kontra Daya Movement on Monday accused senatorial candidate and retired Major General Jovito Palparan of having a hand in the death threats mailed to some militant candidates in Makati city.

Kontra Daya convenor Mike Lopez Sr. told GMANews.TV that based on Palparan’s track record, the retired colonel is “capable” of “intimidating” leftist candidates to discourage them from running, and supporting senatorial candidates Liza Maza and Satur Ocampo — party-list representatives who are linked to the New People’s Army.

“[Palparan is] the only one who has the motives,” Lopez said, adding that Defense Secretary Norberto Gonzales could have possibly given the Palparan the blessing to execute such actions.

Via GMA News.TV

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Are you ready for ‘Noy-Nay’?

Posted by akosistella on April 23, 2010


LOWDOWN By jojo Robles

But if I were Roxas, I wouldn’t be too concerned about the machinations of Escudero and the hard-core Yellow faction that doesn’t think the senator from Capiz is yellow enough to be truly one of them. At this point, after all, while Noynoy is still hard-pressed to come up with a clear majority even in the most jaundiced of opinion polls, Mar has been steadily increasing his lead over his rivals—Binay included.In fact, it’s actually Aquino who looks like he needs Roxas’ help, instead of the other way around. And when the dust is finally settled, no one would be surprised if Mar is elected vice president and someone else other than Noynoy assumes the presidency.There would be a lot of karmic justice in that scenario, from a Roxas point of view. After all, Mar has had to give up his presidential campaign to give way to Noynoy’s sudden hankering for Malacañang just because his mother had died of cancer.

Click Jojo Robles.


Shocked but not awed

Rabid supporters of Liberal Party presidential candidate Sen. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III are quick to dismiss the issue of corruption against him which have been raised because of his involvement in Best Security Agency. The company got the contract for security for the government-owned Philippine National Oil Co. and other companies sequestered by the Presidential Commission on Good Government during the term of his mother, the late President Cory Aquino.

Like Aquino, they think there is nothing wrong with an agency offering security services listing the official residence of the Republic of the Philippines as its address and having no less than the only son of the president as a stockholder/director and vice president and getting government contracts.

They cite the fact that the alleged violation of the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act happened more than 24 years ago and since no case was filed all these years, it just means that the BSA issue is being used as an election issue.

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Stories from Sunday’s Phil. Star

Posted by akosistella on April 11, 2010


Noli supports Mar’s vice presidential bid

MANILA, Philippines – Vice President Noli de Castro will not endorse a presidential candidate but is supporting the Liberal Party’s Manuel “Mar” Roxas.

De Castro said it was his decision not to publicly support a presidential candidate because he does not want to be tainted with “political color” when he returns to broadcasting at the end of his term.

The Vice President kept mum when asked if he is supporting Nacionalista Party standard-bearer Manuel Villar Jr. Both of them belong to the Senate’s Wednesday Club.

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Mar the technocrat has funny side, too

During the forum, he started to hum along with a Carlos Santana song playing in a videoke joint beside The STAR office.

The music grew louder as he was explaining a serious issue, and when he could no longer be heard, he decided to join in and sing along.

Roxas describes himself as “kenkoy” (playful) and down-to-earth, but admits he can be rigid and detailed.

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Villar: I’m mentally healthy

MANILA, Philippines – Nacionalista Party (NP) standard-bearer Sen. Manuel Villar Jr. yesterday said he is mentally healthy as he challenged his rival Sen. Benigno Aquino III to address the issues contained in an alleged psychiatric report, which claimed among other things that the Liberal Party (LP) bet suffered from depression and smoked marijuana.

Interviewed over dzMM yesterday, Villar boasted that he has never smoked cigarettes, more so marijuana, and that he keeps himself in good shape.

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Noynoy admits talking to a psychologist, but only about other politicians

MANILA, Philippines – Liberal Party (LP) presidential candidate Sen. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III admitted yesterday he had indeed talked with a psychologist – but about other politicians, not himself.

He recalled that in The STAR’s series of interviews with presidential candidates, he was asked if he had consulted a psychiatrist.

His reply that he spoke with a psychologist friend about the personalities of some politicians drew laughter from The STAR editors, columnists, and reporters, he said.

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Indelible ink deal rebidding eyed

Palace downplays report on 35 polling precincts without power

DH, teacher cast first ballots in HK, Palau

LP now focused on guarding votes

Mar: I’ll be a partner and conscience of the president

The Vote 2010: Manuel ‘MAR’ Araneta Roxas.

Kapatiran files complaint vs ABS-CBN

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Even in Capiz, voters know the truth about Joc-joc Bolante

Posted by akosistella on March 31, 2010


LP bets edge out UKC bets in RMN survey

For governor, incumbent Gov. Victor Tanco, Sr. LP led the survey with 80.0% in Roxas City, 45.8% in 1st district and 57.5% in 2nd district, Former Agriculture Usec. Jocelyn “Jocjoc” Bolante UKC, 4.2%, 28.3% and 19.2% and Amoroso, ind 0.8%, 0.8% and 0.8% with undecided 15.0%, 25% and 22.5%.For vice governor, Board Member Nonoy Contreras LP, 62.5% in Roxas City, 48.3% in 1st district and 55.8% in 2nd district and Former City Councilor Mark Ortiz UKC, 19.2%, 26.7% and 13.3% with undecided of 18.3%, 25.0% and 30.8%.

Click The News Today.

Bolante, alleged architect of the fertilizer fund scam, is the official gubernatorial bet for Capiz of Sen. Manny Villar’s Nacionalista Party. NP is allied with Bolante’s Ugyon Kita Capiz party.

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3 Capiz mayors distance selves from Legarda, Binay

Posted by akosistella on March 8, 2010

ROXAS CITY, Philippines — At least three town mayors allied with former Agriculture Undersecretary Jocelyn “Jocjoc” Bolante’s Ugyon Kita Capiz (UKC) party vehemently denied supporting the vice presidential bid of either Senator Loren Legarda or Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay.

The UKC officials said many mistakenly believed that the local party had been supporting Legarda, a member of the Nationalist People’s Coalition and an adopted candidate of the Nacionalista Party as she announced recently her support for the candidacies of some UKC-affiliated mayors running for reelection, including Roxas City Mayor Vicente Bermejo.

Legarda later clarified she was not endorsing UKC nor did she declare support for former agriculture undersecretary Jocelyn “Joc-joc” Bolante, the gubernatorial candidate of UKC and who previously figured in the unsettled fertilizer scam case.

Click INQUIRER Politics.

WHAT’S actually more nauseating is these mayors’ support of Joke-Joke Bolante as governor of Capiz! Gross! Boy, when money talks, morality and principles squawk.

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Gaga for Joc Joc

Posted by akosistella on February 19, 2010


And where were all these statements expressed by the hacks of Money Villarroyo?

In Capiz! And who is their gubernatorial candidate in Capiz? Why, Jocelyn Bolante alias Joc Joc, mismo! Spending millions upon millions, buying mayors and barangay captains, to support his “bandwagon” towards electoral “vindication” (kuno).

Didn’t Loren and Ka Satur denounce Joc Joc and his bolantic legerdemain years and months ago? Didn’t they condemn him and his master/mistress for corruption most gross, at the expense of the poor magsasaka for whom their hearts bleed (kuno)? Now they are going gaga for Joc Joc. Such hypocrisy!


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Bolante’s partymates support Villar-Legarda tandem

Posted by akosistella on February 18, 2010

BALETE, Aklan—A local party pushing for the gubernatorial candidacy of former agriculture undersecretary Jocelyn ‘Jocjoc’ Bolante on Wednesday expressed support for the presidential and vice-presidential bids of Senators Manuel Villar Jr. and Loren Legarda, respectively.

Capiz mayors who are members of Ugyon Kita Capiz (Unite Capiz) also support the entire ticket of the Nacionalista Party (NP), Capiz councilor Monchit Acuna Alvar said during a press conference held at the house of Aklan Vice Governor Gabrielle Calizo-Quimpo in this town.

Click GMANews.TV.

DOESN’T this make it even more obvious who GMA’s real candidate is?

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It really all adds up

Posted by akosistella on February 11, 2010


IN Iloilo which I just visited, most every elected public official is a declared Lakas-Kampi toady. But guess who the political overlords are whispering all over? Not Gibo, the official Pa-La-Ka candidate, but Money Villarroyo.

In nearby Antique likewise. And in Capiz, why, Joc Joc Bolante, the “genius” who sold bottled water with a spoonful of urea, packaged it as foliar fertilizer, and sold the useless concoction at a 1,500 percent overprice to the Department of Agriculture where he was the most trusted undersecretary with a direct line to the Palace, mismo, is running for governor. He is the Nacionalista Party candidate, and his propaganda tarps proclaim Money Villarroyo as his president!


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Binay ventures out into LP territory in Capiz

Posted by akosistella on February 7, 2010

ROXAS CITY, Philippines—Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay ventured out into territory that is a known bailiwick of his rival in the race for vice president to seek support from local officials.

Binay, who came with pardoned plunder convict Joseph Estrada, made courtesy calls on two mayors in Capiz, known bailiwick of Binay’s rival Sen. Manuel Araneta Roxas II.

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Senate OKs plunder suit vs Bolante

Posted by akosistella on February 3, 2010

MANILA, Philippines—The Senate adopted on Tuesday night a blue ribbon committee report seeking the filing of plunder and other charges against former Agriculture Undersecretary Jocelyn “Jocjoc” Bolante et al., as well as an explanation from President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo on her role in the P728-million fertilizer fund scam.

The committee report was approved without interpellation two days before Congress is scheduled to adjourn its session and take a three-month break for the election period.

Bolante is running for governor of Capiz province under the Ugyon Kita Capiz party, which is allied with the ruling Lakas-Kampi-CMD.

Click INQUIRER.net.

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