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Smartmatic pitch: Buy our tech now, save billions in next polls

Posted by akosistella on June 16, 2010


MANILA, Philippines—Election machine provider Smartmatic started its marketing offensive Tuesday by pitching to the Commission on Elections (Comelec) the idea of buying now the technology they used in the just-concluded presidential and local elections, so the poll body can save billions in the succeeding exercises.

In a press conference upon the arrival of its Ambassador for Transparency, Miss Universe 2008 Dayana Mendoza, the Venezuelan firm said the Philippine government only need to spend around P2 billion to buy the technology from Smartmatic, so it will have to spend only around P3 billlion for services (like transporting the machines) in the next 4 elections.

via ABS-CBN News.

I suggest Comelec wait for Rep. Teodoro Locsin’s final report on the poll fraud issues before making any rash decisions about buying those poll machines.


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Palace urges House body to wrap up probe on poll fraud

Posted by akosistella on May 27, 2010


MANILA, Philippines – Malacañang wants a committee at the House of Representatives to wrap up its investigation into alleged anomalies in the country’s first-ever nationwide automated elections last May 10, saying it is time to “move forward.”

Palace officials are concerned that the hearings being conducted by the committee on suffrage and electoral reforms chaired by Makati Representative Teodoro “Teddy Boy” Locsin Jr. could overlap with the joint congressional canvass for the presidential and vice presidential votes.

“We hope we could put an end to this investigation so we can move on,” Executive Secretary Leandro Mendoza told reporters in Filipino, on Wednesday.

via INQUIRER.net.

ALSO READ: Morato: 7 ‘Comelec executives’ involved in poll fraud

Smartmatic admission of ‘innocent’ program errors alarms lawmakers

MANILA, Philippines – Congress, sitting as the National Board of Canvassers, resumed session on Wednesday afternoon but not a single vote was counted.

Day 2 of the joint session was instead spent grilling officials of the Commission on Elections (Comelec) and election automation system provider Smartmatic on the authenticity of the results of the recent national polls.

The admission of Smartmatic Asia-Pacific president Cesar Flores of innocent program errors caused concerns that there may have also been program errors in computing the votes.

Via ABS-CBN News

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More losing bets claim they were offered ‘altered’ CF cards

Posted by akosistella on May 24, 2010


(Updated 2:12 PM) While playing golf in his home province in November 2009, the now defeated Surigao del Norte gubernatorial bet Robert Ace Barbers said he was approached by a man who offered him to ‘pre-program’ compact flash cards in his favor.

Costing P50 million, the pre-programmed compact flash cards would ensure his victory in the May 2010 elections, Barbers told the House Committee on Electoral Reforms and Suffrage on Monday, quoting the seller whom he refused to identify.

These and more stories of election irregularities cropped up during the resumption of the House investigation on alleged poll fraud, including instances of “ballot cutting.”

via GMANews.TV.


Smartmatic eyes manual recount to clear name

Seeking to clear its name from accusations of poll fraud, Smartmatic on Monday requested the Commission on Elections (Comelec) to conduct a manual recount of the ballots from the recently concluded automated elections.

“There have been many accusations with no proof. To all these accusations, my best answer is even if you don’t believe in the [automated] system, you can believe in a recount,” said Smartmatic-Asia Pacific president Cesar Flores after attending an investigation at the House of Representatives on the alleged irregularities in the May 10 polls.

“The best way to solve this is by opening the ballot boxes. My request to Comelec and the whole country, if you don’t believe the system, [is to] do a [manual] count,” he added.

Via GMA News TV

Why is Ace Barbers telling the public and the authorities about this just now? Wasn’t he alarmed in Nov. 2009 that there was this group peddling their services to virtually hack the automated elections by altering compact flash cards? In fact, Barbers even said the hacker was going to offer his services to Barbers’ rival, the eventual winner of the recent gubernatorial elections in their area.

I think all Filipinos are duty-bound to report to authorities if there is anyone threatening to commit fraud especially during an important event such as the national elections. Right now, I think Barbers is merely sour-graping.

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Smartmatic says flash cards 100% ‘tamper-proof’

Posted by akosistella on May 22, 2010


MANILA, Philippines – Voting machine vendor Smartmatic on Friday stood by the integrity of the automated election system despite claims of fraud by lawmakers who lost their re-election bids in the May 10 elections.

Cesar Flores, Smartmatic Asia-Pacific president, maintained that the compact flash cards for the precinct count optical scan (PCOS) machines could not be tampered even if they are stolen and someone tries to replace its data with fake election results.

“Everything is encrypted with 108 encryption, which is used by banks to scramble data. If they try to access the data, they cannot because it’s scrambled. If you take the card, you won’t be able to read it,” the Smartmatic executive said during the House of Representatives hearing on the alleged election cheating

via ABS-CBN News Online Beta.


PPCRV uncovers apparent fraud in Basilan

Malacañang behind poll fraud claim-Locsin


Comelec says losing bet behind ‘Robin’

MANILA, Philippines – The Commission on Elections (Comelec) believes a defeated presidential candidate is behind alleged whistleblower “Robin”, the masked man who claimed he was involved in massive fraud in the May 10 automated elections.

“Robin”, whose masked appearance has been likened to a koala bear, revealed a massive electronic cheating operation using alleged authentic ballots and “player” precinct count optical scan (PCOS) machines to rig the May 10 election tally.

According to Robin, their group has copies of the 15 million original ballots, and they transmitted their results to the Comelec server before the actual PCOS machines in use in precincts and canvassing centers transmitted the results.

Via ABS-CBN News

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Six days after

Posted by akosistella on May 16, 2010


By Patricia Evangelista

HIGH NOON, MAY 10. A FAT FIST SMACK-SMACKING against the cracked yellow wall, the mouth with the cracked red lipstick flapping open and closed, her gay lieutenant yapping in refrain. Cheating, screams the pudgy woman, as the madding crowd outside the classroom cheers. Inside, the teachers in white and stripes continue to count, shoulders wincing at each pounded fist. The numbers join the rabble, greasy elbow to empty gut, the hallway shrinks, and a teacher is shoved and mobbed.

Wet T-shirt day in Payatas-A, 6,000 votes for the taking, chipped red nail polish, swaggering bad boys in their wife-beater shirts and denim cut-offs leering down sweating cleavages in padded pink bras. Waiting three hours, says the old man in the baseball cap. Five hours, says the mother with the missing front tooth. Squares of paper brandished, numbers hand-printed, teachers in crisp white calling on 204.

Click Patricia Evangelista.

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Estrada camp hits ‘massive selling’ of CF cards to cheat in May polls

Posted by akosistella on May 15, 2010


The camp of presidential aspirant Joseph Estrada on Saturday claimed the May 10 polls were riddled with what it considered “massive marketing and selling” of pre-programmed Compact Flash (CF) cards, which contain instructions for the Precinct Count Optical Scan (PCOS) machines to read the ballots.

At a press conference in Mandaluyong city, Ambassador Ernesto Maceda, former president Estrada’s campaign manager, claimed that before the elections, some people offering CF cards – supposedly programmed to make a candidate win – approached the camp of the Puwersa ng Masang Pilipino (PMP).

Maceda claimed the CF card brokers sell the programs for the PCOS machines from P30 to P50 million each.

via GMANews.TV.


No more glitches in transmission of data to PPCRV—Comelec

MANILA, Philippines – The Commission on Elections (Comelec) assured the public that there would be no more glitches in the transmission of data from various precinct count optical scan (PCOS) machines in its servers at the Pope Pius Center in Manila where its accredited citizen arm Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV) has been doing its own tally.

Renato Garcia, consultant for ICT Operations of the Comelec, along with Cesar Flores, Smartmatic Asia Pacific President went to Pope Pius to repair the glitch of its servers which has caused delays in the tally being conducted by PPCRV.

“We would like to apologize for the delay here in Pius. The Pope Pius has a server that Comelec and Smartmatic has provided here to be able to access the results from the PCOS machines.”

via INQUIRER.net.

Over 300 clustered precincts had near-unanimous choices for president

If the 2010 elections are a gauge, bloc voting is alive and well in the Philippines.

According to an analysis of the GMA election tally, over 90 percent of voters in 326 clustered precincts around the country had the same choice for president. Benigno “Noynoy’ Aquino was by far the main beneficiary of this voting pattern, with 164 clustered precincts in 19 provinces and the national capital region voting nearly 100% for the presumptive winner of the presidential race.

At least 54 precincts voted almost exclusively for former president Joseph Estrada, while 67 and 61 precincts, respectively, went nearly 100 percent for Gibo Teodoro and Manny Villar.

Via GMANews.TV

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President, vice president, senators likely known by today

Posted by akosistella on May 11, 2010


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MANILA, Philippines — The Filipino nation will know the next President, vice president and the 12 new senators of the republic by Tuesday, according to the Smartmatic TIM, the technology partner of the Commission on Elections in the country’s first ever automated elections.

Cesar Flores, spokesman of the Smartmatic TIM, projected on Monday night that 80 percent of the results would be in by Tuesday and that would show a clearer picture of the winners in the presidential, vice presidential and senatorial races.

“When you wake up tomorrow (Tuesday) about 80 percent of the results are transmitted. You will have a very clear trend on who will be the next president, vice president, and senators,” he said in a joint press conference with the Commission on Elections.

via INQUIRER.net.

ALSO READ: Estrada complains about trending in release of poll results


Pacquiao smiles about early results of congressional bid

GEN. SANTOS CITY, Philippines — A cell phone on his left hand, a hand-held radio on his right and two more cell phones on the table, Manny Pacquiao was a one-man communication center at his mansion late Monday afternoon.

But he wasn’t complaining. He was even smiling.

Reason: His poll watchers spread out all over Sarangani province have been relaying good news. Their exit polls have shown the seven-division champion is going to win by landslide.

Via Inquirer.net

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40% of data cards for poll machines tested

Posted by akosistella on May 9, 2010


MANILA, Philippines—At least 40 percent of the compact flash cards for the 76,300 voting machines have already been tested, contractor Smartmatic TIM spokesman Cesar Flores said in an update Sunday morning.

All of the 1,600 municipalities in the country have received the replacement compact flash cards, he said.

All the 76,300 voting machines have been dispatched and received in the precincts, he added.

“We’re in good shape,” he said.

The company expects to finish the testing and sealing today, Sunday (May 9), on the eve of the elections.

Via Inquirer.net

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Smartmatic: 70,000 compact flash cards configured

Posted by akosistella on May 7, 2010


MANILA, Philippines – The Smartmatic-TIM on Friday morning announced that it has configured 70,000 compact flash cards and it expects to finish configuring all cards needed for the May 10 automated elections before noon.

Cesar Flores, Smartmatic Southeast Asia president, announced over ANC’s Headstart that as of 8 a.m. almost 70,000 have been configured at their central warehouse in Cabuyao, Laguna.

“More than 60 percent are already out. They will be arriving between today and tomorrow,” Flores said.

via ABS-CBN News Online Beta.


Vote-shaving possible in PCOS machines, poll watchdog warns

Contrary to the government’s assurance that “automated cheating” is virtually impossible, the glitches that occurred in recent precinct-level tests showed there is an easy way to shave votes from target candidates in the May 10 elections, a poll watchdog group said on Thursday.

In a statement, Halalang Marangal (HALAL) said votes can be shaved off certain candidates by making minor changes in the configuration of Precinct Count Optical Scan (PCOS) machines that would be used to count and transmit votes during election day.

According to HALAL secretary-general Roberto Verzola, the current problem with PCOS machines is that there was a mismatch between the PCOS configuration and the ballot layout for local candidates, thus preventing the machines from accurately counting votes during pre-election testing last Tuesday.

Via GMANews.TV

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Comelec mulls sanctions vs Smartmatic for foul-ups

Posted by akosistella on May 7, 2010


The Commission on Elections (Comelec) is considering penalizing poll machine supplier Smartmatic-Total Information Management (TIM) for the glitches in the automated election system that will be used during the May 10 polls.

In a chance interview with reporters, Comelec Commissioner Gregorio Larrazabal admitted that the poll body is thinking of how it can make the technology provider “pay” for its recent foul-ups.

The commissioner issued the statement after some precinct count optical scan (PCOS) units tested last Monday failed to read some votes accurately, forcing them to pull out and replace all the compact flash (CF) cards. (See: Some poll machines fail to read votes accurately)

via GMANews.TV.


Most Metro vote scanners delivered to precincts

MANILA, Philippines—Confident that the May 10 elections will push through, the military announced Thursday that at least 80 percent of the vote-counting machines in Metro Manila have been delivered to their respective precincts as of Wednesday night.

Metro Manila commander Rear Adm. Feliciano Angue said the transfer of the remaining 1,511 precinct count optical scan (PCOS) machines from the central hub in Laguna to polling centers across the capital was expected to be completed Thursday.

“We resumed escorting the transportation of the machines on Wednesday after the Commission on Elections suspended the delivery on Tuesday…. The memory cards would just follow,” said Angue in an interview with reporters at Camp Aguinaldo.

Via Inquirer.net

Smartmatic execs told: Surrender passports

MANILA, Philippines – The Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM) on Thursday urged foreign officials and employees of Smartmatic involved in the election automation project to send their passports to a Catholic bishop.

“We are calling in your bluff. Give us all your passports,” CCM co-convenor lawyer Harry Roque said in a statement.

Roque said his group will turn over the passports to Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Oscar Cruz for safekeeping. He said Smartmatic Southeast Asia president Cesar Flores and other Smartmatic officials can send their passports to Cruz’s office at the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines compound at 470 Gen. Luna Street, Intramuros, Manila.

Via ABS-CBN News

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Comelec to hold random manual audit in selected precincts

Posted by akosistella on April 20, 2010


The Commission on Elections (Comelec) on Monday approved to subject some 1,145 clustered precincts to the random manual audit (RMA) as a measure to ensure that the votes counted by the election machines match the manual count.

The poll body’s automation partner, the joint venture of Smartmatic and Total Information Management (TIM), said it would conduct the manual audit on 1.5 percent of the total number of clustered precincts.

“I think it’s a good-sized sample, but the important thing is not the size but [it must be] geographically representative and also random,” said Cesar Flores, Smartmatic Southeast Asia president.

via Manila Times.


NP opposes ABS-CBN request for copies of election returns

The Nacionalista Party (NP) on Monday appeared before the Commission on Elections (Comelec) to oppose a petition filed by television network ABS-CBN which asked copies of poll documents indicating the number of votes received by a candidate in a precinct.

Awarding a copy of the election return — which shows votes of each candidate in a precinct — and the COC — which contains the total votes obtained by each candidate — to the network would be “discriminatory” to other media entities, NP lawyer Joel Bodegon said in a hearing held on Monday.

Via GMANews.TV

AND: Polls for Bulacan district deferred

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Smartmatic: Don’t expect total efficiency

Posted by akosistella on April 13, 2010


MANILA, Philippines—If a machine conks out, it doesn’t mean there’s a glitch.


Not all of the counting machines will work perfectly on Election Day, but voters need not worry because officials are prepared to handle the hiccups, according to Smartmatic-TIM Corp. Asia Pacific president Cesar Flores.

At a news conference Monday, Flores angrily denounced newspaper headlines highlighting the cold and damp weather in Hong Kong that momentarily decommissioned two precinct count optical scan (PCOS) machines on the second day of the month-long overseas absentee voting.

He said people’s expectations in the conduct of the country’s first nationwide automated elections on May 10 should be tempered.

via INQUIRER.net.

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All poll machines in Philippines by Feb 21, says Smartmatic

Posted by akosistella on January 30, 2010

MANILA, Philippines – All machines that will be used in the May 10 elections will be in the Philippines by February 21, an official of poll automation supplier Smartmatic said.

Smartmatic is the Venezuelan company that is manufacturing the Precinct Count Optical Scanner (PCOS) machines that will be used in the 2010 elections. Its local partner is Total Information Management (TIM).

Cesar Flores, International Sales Director of Smartmatic, said on ABS-CBN News Channel’s (ANC) E-Leksyon Forum held Friday at ABS-CBN’s Dolphy Theater that all the 82,200 PCOS machines will already be in the country by next month.

ClickABS-CBN News Online Beta.

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