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Charge it to the Republic

Posted by akosistella on April 27, 2010



MANY of those who staked everything at Edsa in 1986 had hoped that things would change, beyond just mere democratic space. But there were those who never staked anything in Edsa, yet figured they could make oodles of money by taking advantage of Cory Aquino’s sincere desire to make democracy work for the under-privileged.

The Aquino reform government was held hostage by as many as nine coup attempts, some minor adventurist plots, some as damaging as in 1987 and 1989. But while the coup plotters were busy threatening Cory’s presidency, some who never fought Marcos, in fact, collaborated with the dictatorship till the end, quietly made money. As the late Ricardo Manapat once wrote, “some are smarter than others”, describing men and women who in the heyday of the dictatorship, took advantage of power or proximity to power, to feather their own nests so thickly.



Black prop explains everything

THE Nacionalista Party presidential candidate has only one explanation for everything that ails his campaign – black propaganda.

This might work once in a while – as when another presidentiable discovers a faked document that seeks to depict him in a bad light (that might have actually come from Manny Villar himself). But the other presidentiable did not say “black propaganda;” instead, he laughed about the amateurish attempt at destroying him.

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Billions spent on housing, but poor still live in slums

Posted by akosistella on March 24, 2010

By Dan Mariano

In a letter circulating online, [former HUDCC secretary general Antonio] Hidalgo acknowledged that Villar built thousands of low-cost houses in over a decade or so under the Unified Home Lending Scheme (UHLP), as provided for in Executive Order No. 90, also known as the Socialized Housing Law.

[Manny]Villar and his “minions” in the Chamber of Real Estate and Builders Associations (CREBA) drafted EO 90. In 1986, they got then President Corazon C. Aquino to sign the law under her “revolutionary” government when she exercised legislative powers. They promised to solve homelessness in the Philippines once and for all.

“But [Villar] did this to rake in billions in profits at the expense of the government, not out of a concern for the homeless poor,” Hidalgo said.

By the 1990s the UHLP had not only failed to solve homelessness, it had also nearly bled the country’s financial system dry. In 1997, the HUDCC finally reformed the program “to prevent Villar from bankrupting the country,” Hidalgo said.

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