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The Noy Chronicles

Posted by akosistella on July 13, 2010


By Yoly Villanueva-Ong*


A good beginning

MANILA, Philippines – This three-part series is a first person account of our experience with the 15th President of the Philippine Republic. Despite the chaos, rough sailing and dubious characters we encountered in the so-called people’s campaign, I firmly believe that our nation has been handed one more miraculous chance at grabbing our place in the sun, after nine years of merciless darkness.

This is an attempt to set a piece of history on record, even if admittedly the view is long but narrow, as seen only from my personal lens. Six years from now we may look back and hopefully earn the right to give ourselves a pat on the back because we did not squander our potential; that we were able to prevail over vast differences and vested interests; that we managed to climb Mount Nebo and have a glimpse of the Promised Land.

via The Noy Chronicles part 1.

The campaign that never was
(The Noy Chronicles part 2)

MANILA, Philippines – “This election is ours to lose,” was the ironic statement of Danny Gozo, as he briefed me over coffee. Atty. Henry Gozon echoed the same sentiment, when he told Noy with a chuckle, “The only way you will lose is if you make major mistakes.” This wasn’t just cockeyed optimism.

An internal survey done by Mercy Abad with field work in late August 2009 placed Noy at 54 percent, with a trajectory that could reach as high as 63 percent, and a deep commitment measured at 41 percent. In layman’s terms this means that 6 out of 10 Filipinos was inclined to vote for Noy, and a hardcore 4 out of 10 said they would surely vote for him. This is important because research has shown that 33 percent of the electorate will likely change their mind.

Via The Noy Chronicles part 2

As it was in the beginning
(The Noy Chronicles, Part 3)

MANILA, Philippines – The campaign sputtered along like an overheating car just trying to make it to December for a tune-up. We assumed that Comelec would disallow pre-election activity after the last day of filing. But they did not. That favored “he who has gold”, but not those who needed a pit stop. Noy was still ahead, but Villar was gaining, fuelled by burning big bucks. (SWS, Dec 09 Aquino-46.2%, Villar-27%; Mar-43.3%, Loren-32%)

The confidence had considerably lessened. Reinforcement was badly needed. So the informal family effort developed into a parallel shadow group dubbed “Pinball” after Pinky and Ballsy. Talk was that COPA and other “Coryistas” who felt excluded in the campaign, found their bearings here.

Via The Noy Chronicles part 3

*Yoly Villanueva-Ong is chairperson of the Campaigns Group of Companies


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Uncharitable, unkind

Posted by akosistella on May 18, 2010



The iconic Conrado de Quiros and the redoubtable Billy Esposo, two columnists I look up to and who have never been less than generous with me, have written recent columns that strike me as more partisan than necessary, or indeed as intended. On the junking of Mar Roxas, Noynoy Aquino’s running mate, Conrad has written much the more nuanced analysis; Billy’s defense of this political maneuver is ruder and rawer, and thus harder to digest. But I hope I am not mistaken in taking their columns the second part of Conrad’s is in today’s edition as all of a piece.

I trust they will forgive my temerity.

I was not involved in any political campaign, but I do have many friends in many of the political camps. Although I think I now understand the big picture, it will take me some time to sort out all the facts; for now, I will only take issue with Conrad’s analysis, and expose Billy’s illegitimate arguments.

Click John Nery.

The one who cuts through the BS.

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Posted by akosistella on May 18, 2010


LOWDOWN By Jojo Robles

Since it now appears that the Yellow faction is going to handily beat the politicians’ camp in the in-house battle for access to and control of the presidency, it’s good to know who the movers and shakers in this ascendant sub-group in N/A’s organization are. At the very least, the following information will help those people who are right now desperately trying to find out who to send their resumes to, in the hopes of snagging some of the spoils that the incoming administration will be handing out.

The Sisters—all of them, yes, Kris included—belong to the most exclusive inner circle of N/A’s camp. These women, to whom Cory entrusted the care, feeding and even the clothing of N/A, will hold the most power next to the incoming president himself, when it comes to matters of policy, appointments and most of the other day-to-day stuff that require N/A’s attention.

The Sisters were the first to start campaigning to junk Roxas by quietly asking financial backers and local supporters of N/A to start considering a “Noy-Bi” tandem behind Roxas’ back. The Designated Girlfriend, Valenzuela’s Shalani Soledad, may soon join this club, if she passes muster and improves her standing to First Lady during N/A’s term.

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Infighting in Aquino camp goes public

THE infighting in the camp of president-elect Benigno Aquino III went public Monday, after a leader of his volunteers group accused Liberal Party politicians and the Hyatt 10 of hijacking reform.

“From the start, the rift was between the reformist volunteer groups and the trapo political party,” said Conrado de Quiros, a columnist of the Philippine Daily Inquirer and a member of the Volunteers for Noynoy [Aquino] Movement’s executive committee.

On one side of the rift are the supporters of Aquino’s vice presidential running mate, Manuel Roxas II; the so-called Hyatt 10, composed of former Cabinet members who broke with President Gloria Arroyo; Liberal Party officials led by campaign manager Florencio Abad; and former Arroyo Defense Secretary Avelino Cruz.

Via ManilaStandardToday

Interesting points raised in both these pieces. I’m surprised though that a distinguished columnist like Mr. De Quiros allows himself to be involved in these issues. Affected, kasi totoo ang mga bintang?

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Anatomy of black propaganda

Posted by akosistella on April 17, 2010


Vector — By Sonny Coloma

The intense battle between the two presidential front-runners has raised concerns over the resort to “black operations” in a political campaign. A leading broadcast network found itself at the vortex of the raging propaganda battle last week. Maria Ressa, head of news and current affairs for ABS-CBN, related how the network got embroiled in a controversy spawned by propaganda unleashed by the Nacionalista Party of Sen. Manuel Villar.

In an article entitled “Telling It Like It Is,” published by ABS-CBN News online on April 12, Ms. Ressa recounted that on the morning of April 8, she convened her editorial staff to “discuss a potentially explosive document given to us by a source from the Nacionalista Party.” Later in the day, she wrote, “We received the same document from another source in the Nacionalista Party.”

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Posted by akosistella on April 1, 2010


By Conrado de Quiros


The first is alienated. A marginalized group is alienated or stands outside the mainstream community. That is what commends it for party-list representation. By that token, the entire Arroyo clan may truly run as party-list representatives representing themselves. No group of people has ever been more alienated from their people. Not even the Marcoses. GMA has the added virtue, or vice, of being alienated from her position as well. Whom God has put in power, let no man put asunder, or cast aside. Whom Garci has put in power, that is another matter entirely.

I am tempted to say GMA’s entire government should run as a party-list group. But on second thought, not just the GMA government but all Philippine governments. I have yet to know of any institution in this country, past or present, more alienated from us. Remember the Rabbi’s answer in “Fiddler on the Roof” to the question, “Is there a proper blessing for the Czar?” “May God bless and keep the Czar far away from us.”

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Black and white

Posted by akosistella on March 3, 2010

By Conrado de Quiros

No wonder we are the laughing stock of Asia. It’s not just that we cannot keep up with our neighbors’ prosperity, it’s that we cannot crawl out of our caves. Hollywood of course has much to do with it. But even as Hollywood is slowly getting out of it, as indeed the US itself which voted its first black president a couple of years ago, we are not. While Hollywood is toasting the stars of “Slumdog Millionaire” and the Chinese actors and actresses of Ang Lee and Zhang Yimou, we still think that being born to a mixed marriage, specifically with one of the parents being white, is a natural entitlement to becoming a star of Philippine movies.

I have said it time and again: We keep complaining about being discriminated against in other countries on the basis of color and height, openly or subtly depending on the country, and yet that’s what we do right at home. We don’t need other people to make us feel inferior, we do a perfectly good job of it ourselves. We laugh at the dark-skinned, the short, the kinky-haired, the flat-nosed, the beady-eyed, which are the characteristics of our race, and which did not prevent Jose Rizal from becoming one of the greatest men who ever lived. Why shouldn’t other people treat us as inferiors when we deem ourselves to be so?

Click Conrado de Quiros.

THIS has nothing to do really w/ the elections but I thought it was too good a piece not to share. Bulls-eye as usual Mr. De Quiros.

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Edsa on my mind

Posted by akosistella on February 25, 2010

By Conrado de Quiros/PDI

Edsa is just like that. We act, but only after things have gotten so bad we are compelled to do so for sheer survival. Our action, of course, is grand, our action is heroic, our action takes place amid song and cymbal, not unlike the background music of a movie. The strains of “Magkaisa” come to mind, along with candles (or lighters, or cell phones) being waved in the dark. And the euphoria that follows is not unlike the celebration that erupts after a Ginebra victory. And then we go back to forgetting everything and living lives of quiet obscurity or petty ignominy. We rise to glorious heights only to fall back to mediocre depths. The glorious heights are brief, the mediocre depths are long-drawn.

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Posted by akosistella on February 1, 2010

There’s the Rub
By Conrado de Quiros

YOU have to wonder if she truly means to go. People who are going normally just say goodbye in a dry or tearful way and slip into the night, like Kristie Kenney. They do not go to the trouble of milking every available government agency—such as they can still be made to yield anything after being wrung dry to put Gibo’s face on the back of buses—to do as God does, which is to create something out of nothing. Or more straightforwardly, to produce ads that proclaim the good works of one Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. Even Jesus needed water to turn into wine; vinegar is pushing it.

Whatever her intentions, the effort is pathetic. It looks like a last-ditch attempt to resurrect a project GMA launched a few years ago that had all the hallmarks of the emperor’s new clothes. It took the form of posters proclaiming that masses could now deeply feel their prosperity—ramdam na ramdam na. A project that was derailed by Cory dying last year and by the sheer luminousness of her life casting GMA into the shadows. But even before Cory died, the ramdam na ramdam na campaign was already sputtering. It wasn’t merely that its message contrasted with the reality, it was also that it refuted its own message. Why do you have to hammer into people’s heads what they already know or feel deeply?

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Posted by akosistella on January 27, 2010

There’s the Rub
By Conrado de Quiros

I have always wondered why of all the possible themes or images or identities, Villar had to choose being “mahirap.” The last time somebody tried it, who was Ramon Mitra, who projected himself so in an ad where he rode a horse and looked every inch like a cacique, he only shot himself in the foot. Villar repeats the farce, projecting himself as poor in a campaign that teems with money, reeks of money, regurgitates with money—of the ill-gotten kind given the way it is spent, which is not unlike that of a sailor hitting port. And whose standard bearer is named Manny. His foot is the last place he will shoot.

Click Conrado de Quiros.

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Posted by akosistella on January 26, 2010

Theres the rub
By Conrado de Quiros

I made a couple of predictions about Erap (Joseph Estrada’s nickname) which turned out to be right for the wrong reasons.

The first was my prediction in 1998 that the best position to run for was vice president. My reason (I did not mean it entirely in jest) was that given Erap’s exceptional fondness for Blue Label and lechon (roast pig), he might not last his term. The vice president would have more than one foot in the door all that time. It turned out to be true for reasons I never expected. Erap truly did not last his term, but not because of Blue Label and lechon, but because of the people and their power.

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Theres the rub: The last time I saw Cory

Posted by akosistella on January 25, 2010

But that was yet one more legacy Cory would leave behind: an insight, worth more than gold, and completely in keeping with her deep-seated religious convictions. An insight that whispered that revolutions do begin in quiet places, heroism does take place in everyday life, the exalted often takes the guise of the humblest acts. An insight that bears weightily on our time, when candidates are reviling quietness and humility as signs of weakness and extolling loudness and self-praise as demonstrations of strength. When candidates are denigrating storytelling and plain talk as signs of shallowness and parading obfuscation and empty promise as proof of depth.

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