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At the still point of the turning world

Posted by akosistella on July 5, 2010


Method to Madness
By Patricia Evangelista

MANILA, Philippines—The first time I saw Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, I thought she was pretty. I was 13, and there was a poster across the street from where I stood waiting for the school bus. She wore a deep blue suit, her hair was in a braid, and she was holding a red rose. It was 1998, and she was campaigning for the vice presidency. I won’t swear by the image, the suit might have been red and the rose might have been white and her hair might have been short, but I remember thinking she was pretty, and hoping she would win because she seemed like a nice lady.She became president when I was 15, after everyone I knew went to Edsa in January of 2001 to denounce a mustached man with a pompadour. My father thought I was too young to go, and so we sat at home and watched on television, as the nice lady took an oath before a cheering crowd in black.

Click Patricia Evangelista.


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Only DILG post for Binay, says spokesman

Posted by akosistella on June 16, 2010


MANILA, Philippines – Vice-President elect Jejomar Binay only has his eye on the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) post despite talk that he is being offered a different Cabinet post.

According to his spokesman, lawyer JV Bautista, Binay wants a position where his talents will be maximized.

“He has not expressed any preference for anything else,” he said in an interview on ANC’s Headstart.

Binay, however, said he will accept any position in the Cabinet that is offered to him by President-elect Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III.

via ABS-CBN News Online Beta.


Inquirer Editorial: Positioning Binay

VICE PRESIDENT-ELECT JEJOMAR BINAY’S LOUD insistence that he wants to serve, in effect, as the incoming Aquino administration’s chief local government officer, by asking publicly and candidly for the position of interior secretary, leaves a bitter taste in the mouth. To be sure, he has toned down his rhetoric in the last two days, but this change of tactics only shows that his previous tack was, at the very least, tactless.

Appointing people to the Cabinet is a president’s prerogative. Campaigning for a seat in it through a media blitz undermines that prerogative. In effect, it poses a challenge to President-elect Benigno Aquino III’s mandate. It raises the question: Whose Cabinet is it, anyway?

Via Inquirer

CAN you spell C-R-U-D-E? The gall of Binay and his lackeys to insist on the DILG post. The feeling of entitlement from these guys is appalling.

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The Arroyobamaquino conspiracy theorist

Posted by akosistella on June 16, 2010


Dispatches from the Enchanted Kingdom

Safely ensconced in his adopted country, thousands of miles away from the reach of any libel suits, self-exiled communist leader Jose Maria “Joma” Sison boldly accused a sister of President-elect Benigno S.C. Aquino III of conspiring with Gloria Arroyo and the CIA to cheat in the 2010 elections. I decided to interview the man hiding in the Netherlands.

“Let me read to you what you said in your interview with Pinoy Weekly.”


“There are indications that the automated electoral system of Smartmatic, which is controlled by the US and its agents, was pre-programmed to make Aquino and Binay win. It’s obvious that a large number of votes were stolen from Manny Villar and Loren Legarda. Their precipitous decline was overkill and unbelievable. There are reports that high officials of the CIA, the Aquino family and the Arroyo regime decided on the pre-programming six weeks before the election. The meeting between Pinky Aquino-Abelleda and Mrs. Arroyo paved the way for the arrangement.”

Click Manuel Buencamino.


For the love of Noynoy Aquino
Method To Madness

MANILA, Philippines—It is Independence Day in the land of the yellow morning, where the moon is a greasy pearl, freedom is a Twitter hashtag and the brave bawl in their cradles unless the cradles were pawned for the rose-red heart of a bottle of cheap gin. Philippine Airlines offers a “Proud and Free” Promo for the patriotic Filipino—$135 for Hong Kong, $690 for Honolulu, $790 Las Vegas not including government taxes and ticketing service fees. In New York’s 20,000-strong Filipino community celebration, Christian Bautista sings “Beautiful Girl” and “Can We Just Stop and Talk Awhile,” Carlo Orosa soars with the “Impossible Dream,” Sarah Geronimo is “well-applauded” for “You Changed My Life,” and fortunately remembers to sing “Magkaisa.”

Out on the Quirino Grandstand, on a stage with “a select group of 180 people,” the woman rumored to have a heart harder than the rampaging lead hooves of Leon Guerrero’s horse demonstrates that in the end, all you need is love. If only you could show her love, bring her flowers, buy her a two-piece Jollibee chicken meal in the fast-food court of the nearest SM shopping mall, play her your Jason Mraz ringing tone while holding her hand as you wait in line for tickets to John Lloyd Cruz’s “A Very Special Love.” But this is a woman whose natural milieu is the table beneath a Le Cirque chandelier, and so if love will not appear prostrated before her dragging Gilbert Teodoro, love can be bought, at the price of a P10-million praise parade bought with taxpayers’ money to “showcase the outstanding achievements of the 10-Point Agenda of the Arroyo administration.”

Click Patricia Evangelista.

ANYONE who pays their taxes religiously can very well comment on whatever President Noynoy plans to do for his administration, especially if it involves appointing Cabinet Secretaries.

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Where To Now, Mar?

Posted by akosistella on June 12, 2010


By Leo Alejandrino

Mar is not our Vice-President. This breaks my heart not for anything but because he is a friend of the Filipino and the Filipino did not know it.

The nation did not see the humility, honor and character when Mar stepped aside in favor of Noynoy, giving up years of preparation and a legacy laid 50 years ago by his family.

The majority of Filipinos did not recognize that Mar is honest and truly caring for this nation, the best qualified and intentioned, a good man.

They did not appreciate that by denying Mar the Vice-Presidency they denied Noy, a President they so dearly want to succeed, of a key ally for reform.

I am saddened because it confirms my worst fears that the Filipino time and again is his own worst enemy in choosing (or in this case not choosing) his leaders.

via Wired.

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Kris Aquino admits suggesting Abunda for DoT post

Posted by akosistella on June 6, 2010

MANILA, Philippines – Kris Aquino on Sunday broke her silence on talks about the possible appointment of television personality and close friend Boy Abunda as Secretary of the Department of Tourism DoT.Kris, youngest sister of president-apparent Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III, confessed that it was she who suggested to her older brother to appoint Abunda as DoT secretary, citing the television host’s “marketing capabilities,” among other things.“If anybody is to blame, it’s me. I was the one who brought it up with Noy. I was the one who brought it up with Boy, not realizing naman it would cause such a major [issue], front page, 3 araw na deretso,” she said.

via ABS-CBN News Online Beta.


Gustong i- appoint ni Noynoy si Dingdong at Ogie

Ano ba naman ito.

Ayun sa report ng GMA News TV, gusto raw ni Noynoy Aquino, ang nanalo sa pagka-pangulo ng Pilipinas sa nakaraaang eleksyun , iniisip raw niya bigyan ng pwesto sa gobyerno ang mga Kapuso stars na si Dingdong Dantes at Ogie Alcasid.

Lumabas ito ng tinanong siya kung sino pa sa mga taga showbiz ang iniisip niyang i-appoint sa pamahalaan maliban kay TV host na si Boy Abunda ng ABS-CBN, ang sagot ni Aquino, “Si Dingdong, si Ogie…siguro dun sa mga advocacy nila gaya sa youth.”

Hindi pa raw niya nakaka-usap ang dalawa na tumulong sa kanya noong kampanya. Ngunit ang pag-suporta sa kanya raw ay hindi lamang ang basehan ng kanyang desisyon na kukunin sila para manglingkod sa gobyerno.

Via Ellen Tordesillas

PRESIDENTIAL frontrunner Noynoy Aquino has not even been proclaimed the winner in the polls, yet Kris Aquino, expectedly, continues to make trouble for him. Good grief girl, get a grip! Can’t you just shut up and leave the politics and governing to him? Gads, maawa ka naman sa kuya mo! You’ve given him enough problems already. And you wonder why the Despedida page for you on Facebook is such a big hit?

Tsk, tsk. I can hear many of Noynoy’s diehard groupies gnashing their teeth now.

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Jockeying for Cabinet posts starts

Posted by akosistella on May 17, 2010


MANILA, Philippines – The jockeying for Cabinet posts in the next administration has started.

Florencio “Butch” Abad, the Liberal Party’s (LP) campaign manager, told ABS-CBN News on Sunday that he has received over a hundred text messages and emails from people asking they be considered for Cabinet positions in the Aquino administration.

Though LP standard-bearer Senator Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino has not yet been proclaimed as the next president, he is ahead of his rival, former president Joseph Estrada, in the partial vote count.

via ABS-CBN News Online Beta.

ALSO READ: Miriam tells Kris to stay away from politics

No political honeymoon period with Aquino—Left

LUCENA CITY, Quezon, Philippines—Leftist groups would not observe the traditional honeymoon period with apparent president-elect Senator Benigno Simeon “Noynoy” Aquino III. Instead, they vowed that the incoming administration will be met with a stream of demands and protests.

This was the statement of the militant fisher folk alliance Pambansang Lakas ng Kilusang Mamamalakaya ng Pilipinas (Pamalakaya) issued Sunday.

“There’s no honeymoon. The total political exposition of and opposition to Aquino and the newly installed ruling Mafia in Malacanang is the top order of the day,” said Pamalakaya national chair Fernando Hicap said.

Via Inquirer.net

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Aquino, Roxas top overseas absentee votes

Posted by akosistella on May 11, 2010


MANILA, Philippines – Senators Benigno Aquino III and Manuel Roxas II of the Liberal Party topped the overseas absentee votes from Hong Kong and Singapore for president and vice president, respectively, the Department of Foreign Affairs said Tuesday.

The DFA-Overseas Absentee Voting Secretariat (DFA-OAVS), in a statement, said election results transmitted by the Philippine Consulate General in Hong Kong and the Philippine embassy in Singapore were successfully transmitted to the Commission of Elections server in Manila Monday night.

In Hong Kong, 39,383 out of 95,355 registered Filipino voters cast their ballots in 96 clustered precincts.

Via Inquirer.net


Noynoy victory hinges on Pinoys’ sense of history

Benigno Aquino III sat through an impromptu press conference when he was about to vote in his home province in Tarlac. There was a glitch in the machine and he had to wait, about four hours as it would turn out, before he could cast his ballot in the country’s first automated elections.

He himself had to put order in the confusion of reporters grabbing his attention, answering questions one at a time. Does he know of any incidents of cheating? Of vote buying? Of violence? For him it was just the beginning of the day. There had been no sign of any threats of putting the elections to waste.

The other major candidates had done their thing of casting their ballots with no apparent major problem – the machines worked well although the lines were long and the heat was unbearable. Their body language spoke of their resignation (Gibo Teodoro), anger (Loren Legarda), dejection (Manny Villar), cautious and worry (Mar Roxas), confident and arrogant (Jejomar Binay), alone and superstitious (Joseph Estrada).

Via GMANews.TV


Ocampo, Maza: We’ll watch Aquino presidency closely

MANILA, Philippines–As they congratulated Senator Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III for his clear victory” in the presidential race, militant senatorial candidates Satur Ocampo and Liza Maza on Tuesday said they would be watching how the incoming President will work to solve the country’s most pressing woes.

“We congratulate president-elect Noynoy Aquino for his clear victory in the May 10 elections,” Ocampo and Maza said in a statement.

The two ran under the Nacionalista Party of Senator Manuel Villar, but have failed to make it to the top 12 as of latest canvassing.

Via Inquirer.net

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The rise and fall of the Yellow King

Posted by akosistella on May 9, 2010


Method To Madness
By Patricia Evangelista

IT IS ONE DAY BEFORE THE NATIONAL ELECTIONS, AND I do not have a candidate. Tomorrow, I will find the candidate whose name I can put on my ballot. Today I will write something else.

Understand that I accept the idea of both a lesser evil and an imperfect president. To work in the news, even in the less regimented area of opinion, has made it impossible to take much of anything on faith. In the narrative I know, the murderer of 50 will find his way back to the mansion with pink walls, the moral hypocrite will again rise to the top of the senatorial surveys, and the red queen will carry her throne to the northern court past the armies against her.

In the past few months, the fight has been brutal among partisans. I find it odd to be congratulated for my clear-eyed objectivity when I criticize one candidate, and called biased by the same person when I turn to criticize his. Say a word about patrons to the woman in the green baller band; whisper “Hacienda Luisita” to the yellow-shirted celebrity. See the phalanx of raging green angels, watch the rise of the yellow army. There is something frightening about such absolute faith, especially knowing that not a single one of the men campaigning for the presidency is without vested interests.

Men and women have died because of this election, brutally, killed in front of their children, murdered with their fathers, buried alive or shot to death, as was the case of Cagayan State University’s Rosefina Abad-Serrano, daughter of Gonzaga town’s mayoral bet, when she was ambushed in a passenger van along the national highway. In the Philippines, to win is the final victory, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for both the corrupt and the crusaders. The senatorial polls are evidence enough, with incumbents taking the lead, Lito Lapid and his reign of uselessness as a legislative servant occupying a coveted spot in the “Magic 12.” To the crusaders, the win is the goal, the enemy the sitting king, their champion a messiah who can do no wrong.

I write this because I believe that Noynoy Aquino will win the presidency, and I say it on the strength of 22 percentage points. If I am wrong, and I very well might be, I will write this column again, and address it to whoever is bound for the presidency. I do not believe acknowledging his lead will unduly influence votes this late in the game.

This is an attempt to engage with the reality of Noynoy Aquino, before the yellow confetti is swept from an empty Edsa. Aquino is not my president, but I accept that he may become mine when June 30 rolls around.

His people paint him as a good man carrying a legacy of heroes. It is his reluctance, the same as his mother’s, that they claim make him an ideal president.

“There are so many people who were egging me on,” he said, “who are forming the majority of the organization that is propelling this candidacy.”

This is Noynoy Aquino, whose mother led the opposition on the strength of no more than a wedding ring, who now leads the presidential fight by virtue of being the son of Ninoy and Cory Aquino. The crown prince, a congressman of 12 years whose legislative record is trumped by action star Bong Revilla. Revilla, after all, managed to pass one bill. It is difficult to discuss Aquino’s track record, because he has none.

If he wins he will be the third People Power president, pushed by a flood of supporters in a mad crush to remove the enemy. His mother, who had a charm Aquino now does not possess, was hounded by coups, and forced by factions to let go of her executive and finance secretaries, both stalwart allies. In 2001, when Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo rode the wave of moral indignation against Joseph Estrada, civil society celebrated her inauguration. Anyone was better than the man they called a thief. In months, Ms Arroyo was trading power for loyalty.

Noynoy Aquino, whose party has been rocked by infighting throughout the campaign period, will be forced to unite a factional army of varying persuasions if he wins. Without Ms Arroyo to focus the desires of his many supporters, there is little doubt he will be caught between warring interests. He has already flip-flopped on the RH bill, and promised the distribution of Hacienda Luisita while his own family declared its refusal to let go of the sugar fields. Remember this is the same Aquino who was unable to take a stand on the Common Agricultural Policy when it was up for extension. Now he is supported by civil society groups who damn debt servicing, and a Makati Business Club that supports it, the same people who say Aquino can simply hire as many technocrats and advisers as he needs.

Now Aquino speaks of sharing power with his more qualified running mate Mar Roxas. “I am sharing 50 percent to 80 percent of the job with my one and only partner, Mar Roxas, and I am offering him not just one, but several portfolios in an oversight capacity,” Aquino told a news conference, submitting himself to the public as a figurehead president.

Citizenship demands more than a vote. Those who support him are accountable, to hold his hand and keep him on track, and should be judged the moment they leap into Edsa when this man trips over his own feet. It’s not a free pass for those who voted against him to disengage from the democratic exercise. Oppose him, condemn him, hold him accountable, hound his heels until 2016. After all, to participate in an election is a concession that someone is bound to win, even if your candidate may be more deserving.

I believe this election is important, that the vote is important, that involvement and discourse and the noise of democracy working is important, but it does not end on the day the new president is declared and the dates for the weekly press conferences are announced. I do not believe that Richard Gordon’s win will mean progress, or that Aquino’s will usher in change, or that Villar’s will eliminate poverty. I do not believe one nation’s progress depends on one man or woman—the same way I will not blame Ms Arroyo completely for her wholesale rape of nation and Constitution, as the Armed Forces and the Supreme Court and the unpunished men we continue to elect into office now once cheered her on thrust for thrust.

“There is nothing to fear now,” he said in his speech at this year’s People Power Anniversary. “We are awake. We are aware. We will move to reach victory.”

There is very much to fear if Aquino wins the 2010 presidency, and it is important that we are afraid. Messiah or moron, if he is elected, his fall will be ours. (From Inquirer/May 9, 2010)

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Ganito kami sa Makati…

Posted by akosistella on May 8, 2010


Squatters living at P. Binay cor. Guatemala Sts., Makati City

Ganito ang mga Binay sa Batangas (Click to enlarge):

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Reasons to vote (or not) for Noynoy

Posted by akosistella on May 8, 2010


Commentary By Leo Alejandrino

It is not sure that the Philippines can survive another six years of plunder by our leadership.

In this sense the coming presidential elections could be an inflection point in our history. They will be a test of whether the Filipino is truly deserving of his right to enfranchisement.

This country is in dire straits. Filipinos are worse off today than they were 10 years ago. We have a record budget deficit, a record national debt. Our education, environment, and health care are in disrepair. The corruption in government is encompassing. This cancer has seeped into the fiber of our society, into the values and mores of our nation.

Click Leo Alejandrino

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Don’t vote for Noynoy

Posted by akosistella on May 7, 2010

By Jojo A. Robles

For whatever it’s worth, consider this a final appeal before you go to the polls on Monday: Do not vote for Benigno Simeon “Noynoy”Aquino III.

Do not vote for Noynoy because he is lazy and incompetent. He has done nothing, good or bad, to deserve your vote; he will most likely do nothing—which most certainly cannot be good—if he becomes president.

Do not vote for Noynoy because he is not his own man. He is heavily indebted to his relatives, political advisers, command-vote gatherers and financial backers, all of whom will most likely call the shots, make the important decisions and rule the country (even if no one elected them or even knows who they are) if he becomes president.

via Manila Standard Today.

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Sen. MAR Roxas speaks on breaking cartels and lowering prices on cement, medicines (Bandila, Hot Seat)

Posted by akosistella on May 7, 2010


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(via ABS-CBN News)

Liberal Party vice presidential candidate MAR Roxas also explains in this interview that EVAT/taxes in themselves are not bad. Taxes fund the operations of the government, and build the needed infrastructure such as roads, ports, and bridges all over the country. It’s when these taxes are stolen by corrupt government officials and are used for their personal purposes that makes VAT/EVAT evil. These taxes also enable local officials like mayors to give benefits to their constituents like free birthday cakes to their senior citizens, etc. Just to be fair, Roxas did not author the E-VAT Law.

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Aquino: I will share 80% of my powers with Roxas

Posted by akosistella on May 6, 2010


PRESIDENTIAL front-runner Benigno Aquino III on Wednesday said he would share up to 80 percent of his powers with his running mate, Senator Manuel Roxas II, if they both got elected, making Roxas the most powerful vice president in Philippine history.

“I am sharing 50 percent to 80 percent of the job with my one and only partner, Mar Roxas, and I am offering him not just one, but several portfolios in an oversight capacity,” Aquino told a news conference at which Roxas was seated beside him.

“But let me make it clear that Senator Mar has not asked for any portfolio and this is also not a request. I call it a division of labor, which we have agreed on from the start,” Aquino said.

via Manila Standard Today.

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From the opinion-makers

Posted by akosistella on May 5, 2010


ANALYSIS By Amando Doronila

In rejecting the extra-constitutional method of People Power to change political leadership, Rosales served notice that he was not aching to emulate the high-profile political activism of his predecessor, Jaime Cardinal Sin, and emphasized his contrast with Sin in asserting the Catholic Church’s influential role in Philippine politics.

Rosales does not fancy himself as a clone of Sin, and has taken the path of stabilizing legal institutions, such as regular elections, as the preferred mode of political leadership transitions.

Click Amando Doronila

THERE’S THE RUB By Conrado de Quiros

THE PEOPLE WHO TALK ABOUT MOUNTING People Power in the event of cheating are “crazy and irresponsible,” says Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales. Things are different between then and now. The situation in 1986 was extraordinary. “We can’t do (Edsa) again. We have laws now.” The problem with us is that “we are always in a hurry.” That is why we have not matured as a nation.

Things are different then and now? Let’s see.

Click Conrado de Quiros

Cardinal Rosales is no Cardinal Sin
AS I SEE IT By Neal Cruz

IF YOU SEE MASSIVE CHEATING IN NEXT Monday’s elections, what would you do? Would you sit back, fold your hands and do nothing as a prince of the Church has suggested? No, it is your duty to protest, to show that you will not take the cheating sitting down. It is your duty to see to it that truth and justice be done. It is your duty to join another people power if one is called.

Click Neal Cruz


For the die-hards

I was talking about elections with Pierre.

“A run-off election works best for countries with a multiparty system. It solves the problem of a minority president,” he said.

“How so?” I asked.

“Candidates run in a general election and then the top two vote-getters go mano a mano in a run-off election,” he explained.

Via Manuel Buencamino

Too late to salvage poll automation?
GOTCHA By Jarius Bondoc

Sources inside Comelec did it again. They said in Gotcha Wednesday that the 2 p.m. re-bidding that day for 80,000 ultraviolet lamps would be won pre-ordained by one of nine firms that have been cornering Comelec contracts for years. True enough, the poll body awarded the deal to Philand Industries, which bagged multimillion-peso paper supplies in 2008-2009. Delivery was supposed to start the next day; meaning, the imported units that usually take three weeks to arrive were already in RP, waiting for a go-signal. Senatorial candidate, IT expert Joey de Venecia, has been warning that the U/V lamps are unnecessary and pose a risky human intervention in the automated election process.

Click Jarius Bondoc

Will poll count reflect people’s choice?
CORE By Benjamin E. Diokno

Sadly, all elections since 1992, including the 1998 presidential elections, were marred with irregularities, large and small, so that the results did not reflect truthfully the voters’ choice. In 1998, however, Joseph Estrada’s margin of victory was so overwhelming that cheating was rendered infeasible.

Via Benjamin Dioko

Political dynasties rule Metro Manila cities

Let us not go far in any analysis of what’s wrong with our kind of democracy. Right here in Metro Manila, political dynasties rule. Only the City of Manila, Quezon City, Pasay City, Parañaque and Muntinglupa have interesting and competitive contests for this year’s election. Maybe we can include Taguig in the list only because two political families, the Tingas and the Cayetanos still have to fight it out for clear dominance.

Click Boo Chanco.

Hacienda Luisita: Advocacy vs. benefit
MAP INSIGHTS By Manuel A. Alcuaz Jr.

Hacienda Luisita was once part of the holdings of Compania General de Tabacos de Filipinas sociedad anonima, better known as Tabacalera, which was founded on Nov. 26, 1881. Contrary to what was expected, Spanish-owned Hacienda Luisita prospered when the Americans took full control of the Philippine government. Tabacalera as a whole experienced prosperous times because of the US demand for sugar and tobacco. At one point during prewar times, Hacienda Luisita supplied almost 20% of all sugar in the United States.

Click Manuel A. Alcuaz Jr.

For your consideration
AT LARGE By Rina Jimenez-David

MUNTINLUPA REP. AND LIBERAL PARTY senatorial candidate Ruffy Biazon joins other analysts in positing that even if Sen. Noynoy Aquino succeeds in winning the presidency on May 10, and even if Sen. Mar Roxas wins as vice president, the Aquino administration may still be hamstrung by a glaring reality: not enjoying majority support in either the House of Representatives or the Senate.

Click Rina Jimenez David

Lim and Querubin: My Senate choices

The two have been in detention since February 2006 when they were charged with attempting to withdraw support from Gloria Arroyo after the “Hello Garci” tapes exposed the use of the military in the tampering of election results in her favor in the 2004 elections.

Via Ellen Tordesillas

Yellows up to something again
FRONTLINE By Ninez Cacho-Olivares

All too suddenly, Noynoy Aquino’s supporter and lawyer from the FIRM, Gloria Arroyo’s former Ombudsman, Simeon Marcelo, is questioning the appointment of Armed Forces of the Philippines chief of staff before the high court, saying that he took the reins of the AFP on the day the midnight appointments ban took effect.

Click Ninez Cacho Olivarez


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The Lord of Makati – Can Binay explain his wealth?

Posted by akosistella on May 4, 2010


(Published with kind permission from Newsbreak)

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