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ZTE deal: First Gentleman cleared; Abalos, Neri face raps

Posted by akosistella on May 27, 2010


MANILA, Philippines – Former elections chairman Benjamin Abalos and Social Security System president Romulo Neri will be charged with graft before the Sandiganbayan for their alleged part in the controversy-ridden contract between the government and Chinese firm ZTE Corp. for the national broadband network (NBN) project.

However, the Office of the Ombudsman absolved First Gentleman Jose Miguel Arroyo of the same charges.

“Quite interestingly, the only memory that stands out during this meeting (at Wack Wack Golf and Country Club in Mandaluyong) was (Mr.) Arroyo’s statement that (Jose) de Venecia (III) was told to back off from the project,” read the resolution.

“There is no other independent statement or source of evidence that the meeting was purposely availed of to allow (Mr.) Arroyo to influence the project.

“Thus, the panel continues to maintain the position that only surmises and conjectures have been presented to this panel for assessment. To be certain, this presumption cannot be given any weight.”

via Philippine Star.


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Lakas-Kampi funding woes lead to more defections

Posted by akosistella on April 12, 2010

MANILA, Philippines – The Lakas-Kampi-CMD’s lack of campaign funds continues to create cracks within the ruling party, weakening the base of support for its standard-bearer, Gilberto “Gibo” Teodoro.

Ray Roquero, the party’s newly appointed secretary-general, said they are “racing against time” to reach their local candidates who have been complaining of lack of financial support.

“We hope to resolve this pressing issue soon. We will keep you posted because I know that deep in your hearts, you do care for Gibo,” Roquero said in a statement. “We only choose our president once in six year. I hope we will not commit a mistake.”

via ABS-CBN News Online Beta.

FROM THE PHIL STAR: Nograles, 30 congressmen leaving Lakas for NP?


Teodoro camp slams ploys to shut him out of race

MANILA, Philippines – Administration standard-bearer Gilbert “Gibo” Teodoro Jr. may just be the next Harry Truman, Fidel V. Ramos and Barrack Obama, according to his camp.

Slamming what they called an “orchestrated ploy” to shut Teodoro out of the presidential race, his camp warned independent pollsters on Sunday that they might end up with “eggs on their faces” for trying to condition the minds of unsuspecting voters even before the casting of the first ballot.

“History is on the side of Teodoro,” his spokesperson and the director of the G1BO media bureau, Mike Toledo, said on Sunday.

Click Inquirer.net

AND: And now, a few words from Mrs. Gibo.

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DBM on pork release: No political consideration

Posted by akosistella on April 10, 2010


MANILA, Philippines – Budget Secretary Joaquin Lagonera yesterday maintained that there were no political considerations in the release of pork barrel allocations to lawmakers because it was compliant with the standards set by the 2010 General Appropriations Act (GAA).

Lagonera was responding to allegations made by Pangasinan Rep. Jose de Venecia Jr. that President Arroyo has advanced congressional allocations to her allies in Congress apparently to boost their campaign and retain their support for the administration.

De Venecia complained that his pork barrel, euphemistically called Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF), has not been released since last year. De Venecia had a falling out with Mrs. Arroyo when he was still Speaker of the House of Representatives.

via Philippine Star.

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Lakas-Kampi-CMD to adopt Miriam, Enrile, Sotto: source

Posted by akosistella on April 9, 2010


MANILA, Philippines – A highly-placed source told ABS-CBN News that the ruling Lakas-Kampi CMD is adopting Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago, Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile and Vicente Sotto III in its senatorial slate.

When reached for comment, Lakas-Kampi party secretary-general Raymundo Roquero confirmed that the party will indeed adopt 3 more candidates in its senatorial ticket, but their names will be announced later.

Roquero also said the ruling Lakas Kampi-CMD is backing several party-list groups, including the party-list group nominating presidential son Mikey Arroyo to Congress.

Click ABS-CBN News Online Beta.


Nograles, Palace downplay pork barrel release

If Malacañang indeed released pork barrel funds recently to members of Congress as reported, there is nothing unusual or anomalous about it.

This was what House Speaker Prospero Nograles and presidential deputy spokesperson Charito Planas said Friday after national daily The Philippine Star reported that Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) allocations were released to pro-administration lawmakers around the start of the campaign period for the local elections to boost their electoral campaigns.

“The January to June first half entitlements of the congressional district priority projects should be released to the congressmen because that’s the law provided for by the General Appropriations Act,” Nograles said in a text message to reporters.

Click GMANews.TV

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Wives on warpath: ‘Manay’ vs ‘Manang’

Posted by akosistella on April 8, 2010


DAGUPAN CITY—It’s now the wives’ turn for an election fight in what residents of Pangasinan’s fourth congressional district dubbed “Manay versus Manang.”

Gina de Venecia is “Manay” (a Bicolano term) to close friends in show biz and political circles, while her opponent, Celia Lim, is “Manang” (Ilocano term) in the local business circle.

De Venecia’s husband, veteran politician and former Speaker Jose de Venecia Jr., won his third and final term in 2007 over Lim’s husband, former Dagupan Mayor Benjamin Lim.

via INQUIRER.net.

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Noynoy courts Kapampangan voters

Posted by akosistella on April 7, 2010


SAN FERNANDO, Philippines – Senator Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III invaded on Wednesday the bailiwick of his political nemesis, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, to court the Kapampangan vote.

Aquino campaigned in the province for the first time since the official campaign period began last February 9, but was here late last year to organize his volunteer organizations and to put together a slate behind beleaguered Pampanga Governor Ed Panlillio, who is seeking re-election.

Panlilio is appealing a Comelec decision declaring his opponent, Lilia ‘Baby’ Pineda, the winner in the 2007 elections.

The Liberal Party is fielding only 13 mayoralty candidates out of the 22 towns in the province. It has the backing of only one incumbent, San Fernando Mayor Oca Rodriguez

Click ABS-CBN News Online Beta.

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Arroyo, De Venecia kiss and make up

Posted by akosistella on February 23, 2010

PRESIDENT Arroyo and former Speaker Jose de Venecia have agreed to let bygones be bygones, Malacañang said yesterday.

“We’re gratified that our call for reconciliation has struck a responsive chord…We can reconcile at a personal level. The President has shown an example by mending fences with the former Speaker,” deputy presidential spokesman Gary Olivar said.

Arroyo and De Venecia, along with his wife Gina, reportedly met and reconciled two weeks ago.

Click Business Insight Malaya.

UH-OH, watch out for this one.

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Manay Gina’s turn

Posted by akosistella on February 17, 2010

Rina Jimenez David

MANILA, Philippines—Perhaps no “neophyte” in politics has ever had a longer, better preparation for the field than “Manay” Gina de Venecia, candidate for congresswoman in the fourth district of Pangasinan.

Asked what her campaign slogan is, Manay Gina replies promptly: “It’s Two for One—may Manay Gina na, may Manong Joe pa! (You get Manay Gina along with Manong Joe!)”

Click Rina Jimenez David.

ARE you thinking what I’m thinking? How about Manay Gina for House Speaker?

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Can two-party elections bring change?

Posted by akosistella on February 8, 2010

BY David Joseph U. Anabo, BusinessWorld

An estimated 50 million voters now face the hard task of choosing the country’s next president from among ten aspirants. In economics, having more choices is almost always better than having none at all. Thus, the overwhelming support for market-driven forces and free competition wherever it applies, remains to be seen whether this also applies in electing national leaders, especially the Chief Executive.

Let us consider then the electoral scenario now. Based on recent surveys, the current leader enjoys a substantial, albeit declining, lead over all other aspirants. Assuming that this landscape remains– with no one backing out of the race in the run-up to the polls– the nation will likely elect a president who won by a plurality (or highest number), though not necessarily the majority, of votes.

The same case applies to former President Joseph Estrada and the 1998 national elections. Although Estrada may claim to have won with the biggest margin in recent history, he still did not garner the majority of the votes cast.

Even though he won with about 39.6% of the votes cast, the combined share of the other candidates was even higher: Jose De Venecia (15.9%), Raul Roco (13.6%), and Emilio Osmeña (12.2%), for instance, combined for over 41%.

In fact, since the passage of the 1987 Constitution, the country has not had a president elected under majority rule. While Article VII, Section 4 of the Constitution only requires that “the person having the highest number of votes shall be proclaimed elected”, this has led to scenarios where a minority president takes office even though more than half of votes cast were in favor of the other candidates.

This is the challenge posed by the present multi-party one-round electoral system. Though it offers more choices for voters, the multi-party system will often lead to victories by candidates with smaller mandates.

Instead of a majority vote– computed as 50% plus (1) votes– candidates will often only win by plurality. Given the president’s role as chief executive director, however, being elected by what can be perceived as a relative minority will likely make it more difficult to garner wider support for programs or platforms.

With these concerns in mind, some political experts have proposed adding another round of elections in the current multi-party system. In a two-round multi-party system, there will be a primary election for various positions such as the presidency.

If no one wins by a majority of votes, another round of elections for the same position follows. In this succeeding round, however, only the two candidates who received the highest number of votes in the primary elections will be allowed to compete. With the weaker candidates already winnowed out of the race, the eventual victor ends up with the majority of the votes. Countries that have applied this system include Congo, Finland, and Romania.

The main drawbacks of a two-round voting system are the monetary and opportunity costs that another round of voting entails. For a country whose finances have only improved little and have generally remained rather precarious, at best, in the past two decades, the financial burden of staging two rounds of elections will indeed be a major concern.

Meanwhile, on the part of the voters, they will have to incur the costs of foregone work as well as additional travel expenses; if such costs were prohibitive enough, then they may ultimately deter participation in the second round of voting.

Hence, although the current system is far from ideal, shifting towards a two-round voting system will likely have to stay in the backburner for now. The Commission on Elections (COMELEC) already has its hands full as it is, as it ensures the orderly conduct of the country’s first-ever automated elections.

More important, political scientists will have to consider the experience of former President Fidel Ramos and the incumbent Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. Both were elected into higher office by slim margins — an 800,000 vote lead for Ramos over Miriam Defensor Santiago, and a 1.1 million-vote lead for Arroyo over Fernando Poe, Jr.

Still, despite the perceived weakness of their mandates (recall that both officials needed to fend off cheating allegations), history has shown that such perceptions did little to adversely affect their performance. During the President Ramos’s term, the country saw renewed political stability and further accelerated economic liberalization.

In the case of President Arroyo, she succeeded in initiating tough fiscal reforms which improved public finances for a time. Ultimately, an important lesson to consider before taking any shift is to be gleamed from one of Arroyo’s State of the Nation Addresses: the president is only as strong as she wants to be.

The Institute for Development and Econometric Analysis, Inc. (IDEA) is an economic think-tank based in the University of the Philippines – Diliman. For inquiries on IDEA, please contact Eduard Robleza at edjrobleza@idea.org.ph.

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