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The great debate

Posted by akosistella on March 25, 2010

By Manuel L. Quezon III

The dictionary defines a debate as “a formal discussion on a particular topic in a public meeting or legislative assembly, in which opposing arguments are put forward” or “an argument about a particular subject, especially one in which many people are involved.” In 2004 the two leading contenders declined to debate each other, but in 2007, the senatorial debates attracted public interest—and attention. So far, the candidates, presidential and vice-presidential, have faced each other: most recently when Sen. Manuel Roxas II wiped the floor, so to speak, with Sen. Loren Legarda.

The leading contenders have been hammered in turn for missing some of the debates. For example, both weren’t at the very first debate, the UNDP MDG Forum (back in October when Francis Escudero was still in the running) or at the one sponsored by Pastor Quiboloy. Sen. Benigno Aquino III also missed the Romulo Foreign Policy Forum, while Sen. Manuel Villar didn’t attend the Harapan debate at University of Santo Tomas, and the FOCAP forum where Aquino turned up

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CBCP: Clergy may join revolt

Posted by akosistella on March 25, 2010

MANILA, Philippines – A ranking official of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) said yesterday some members of the clergy are planning to join another popular revolt in the event of a failure of elections.

Caloocan Bishop Deogracias Iniguez, CBCP Public Affairs Committee chairman, said a failure of elections where no president is proclaimed would force people to take to the streets.

“This (event) is one of those instances when the people would need guidance (from us),” Iniguez said.

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LP warns Comelec of serious repercussions in case of failure of elections

MANILA, Philippines – Liberal Party (LP) standard-bearer Sen. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III and running mate Sen. Manuel “Mar” Roxas II yesterday said the Commission on Elections (Comelec) failed to install safeguards to ensure the credibility of the coming elections.

In a letter sent to Comelec Chairman Jose Melo, Aquino and Roxas raised concerns regarding the Comelec’s refusal of their request to review the source code of the precinct count optical scan (PCOS) machines.

The LP candidates also said it was “unfair” of the Comelec to come up with a ballot design favoring Nacionalista Party standard-bearer Sen. Manuel Villar and for “unreasonably” disqualifying a number of their local candidates.

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AND: Palace on Noynoy threat of protests: Bring it on

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Laugh trip!

Posted by akosistella on March 24, 2010


Harapan: The VP Debate

Did you watch Sunday night’s vice presidential debate organized by ABS-CBN? At one point, Loren Legarda asked Mar Roxas why he kept shifting allegiances. Viewers were shocked to hear that from Loren. For a moment, they thought Jay Sonza would then be mocking Jejomar Binay for being dark-skinned.

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Laugh trip!

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LP doubts automation/JBC inhibitions needed

Posted by akosistella on March 24, 2010

GOTCHA By Jarius Bondoc
Philippine Star

From the start info-tech experts have been voicing doubts about poll automation. But election candidates largely ignore them. Politicos are either too busy campaigning or techno-illiterate or taken in by mass enthusiasm for automation. Insight can’t sink in that they’d be the first losers in a computer snafu.

Finally, one party has studied the process and pointing up defects. The Liberal Party is raising the alarm of looming failure of election from computer flop. Presidential standard-bearer Noynoy Aquino and running mate Mar Roxas are set to meet the Comelec brass today to gauge if it’s still salvageable. They have good reason to fear no-proclamation of winners for President, VP and senators. Gloria Arroyo’s body language points to it: her congressional run, touchy police-military promotions, insistence on naming the next CJ, multibillion-peso midnight deals, kith and kin sneaking into Congress via party lists, and spokesmen’s talk of juntas. An unreformed Comelec, which she used to rig her 2004 presidential run, could be part of the plot.

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An exciting ‘Harapan’

Posted by akosistella on March 23, 2010

By Rina Jimenez-David

Unlike other debate shows (some of them on ANC) that drove viewers to boredom with a string of questions posed to all the presidential candidates who took their time with their replies, this first debate featuring aspirants to the vice presidency was fast-paced and snappy.

There were also quite positive and entertaining twists on the usual format, including “one-on-ones” between two candidates, and a running tabulation of “trust” ratings among groups of viewers gathered in various locations around the country.

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Madrigal backs Roxas for VP, trains ‘guns’ on Legarda

Posted by akosistella on March 22, 2010

[Sen. Jamby] Madrigal has been unflinching in her campaign against Legarda, the guest vice presidential candidate of the Nacionalista Party and NP standard-bearer Sen. Manny Legarda.

According to Madrigal, she really wanted “to be a part of the crowd at La Consolacion to show my full support for Mar Roxas.”

Roxas, running mate of Sen. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III, standard bearer of Liberal Party, “is sure to be our next vice president…Kawawang Loren (Loren’s pathetic),” said Madrigal.

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Loren gets poor audience response in Harapan VP debate

Posted by akosistella on March 22, 2010

MANILA, Philippines – In a surprise result, Sen. Loren Legarda did poorly in ABS-CBN’s Harapan: The Vice-Presidential Debate, based on feedback from citizens who participated in the debate.

The debate, aired live Sunday-Monday over Channel 2, ANC, Studio 23, and abs-cbnNEWS.com, introduced a new way of getting feedback from citizens: the Wireless Audience Response System WARS.

In the debate, randomly-selected citizens in 4 areas—Metro Manila, Naga, Cebu, Davao—were given a gadget. After a candidate answered a question, the participant had to press a button to say whether they felt the candidate gave a truthful answer. Another button meant he or she felt the candidate was not telling the truth.

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(UPDATED) Harapan 2010 VP debate: Legarda vs Roxas (03/21/10)

Posted by akosistella on March 22, 2010

(Courtesy ABS-CBN News/YouTube)

AS many Facebook commenters said, “ngiti pa lang, talo na ni MAR si Loren”.

And what about that Nanay Fely, huh? Legarda’s own yaya getting special mention by the candidate? Well, most Facebook members who know the senadora could only comment, “e lagi naman nya naman pinagagalitan si Nanay Fely no?!” Tsk, tsk.

Even the farmer Tatay Puling, clapped at Roxas’ prescriptions to solve the farm crisis owing to the drought – making sure all irrigated canals were repaired, running and adequate. Roxas also vowed that an Aquino-Roxas administration would put a stop to rice importations that only support foreign farmers. Instead, “we will buy from our own farmers.”

By the end of the evening, Roxas was voted most credible by audience participants (54%), and texters (57%).

Video of the debate bet. Makati Mayor Jojo Binay and former MMDA chair Bayani Fernando here

ALSO READ: Neophyte VP bets show they’re no pushovers

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Roxas: No more presidential aspirations for now

Posted by akosistella on March 19, 2010

“Malayong masyado yung another six years, hindi natin malalaman kung ano ang mangyayari sa susunod na anim na taon. Hindi talaga natin masasabi kung ano ang takbo ng landas, anim na taon napakahaba po niyan,” Roxas told dzBBs Mike Enriquez. (The next presidential election is still a long way off. We cannot tell what will happen in the next six years.)

“Minsan kung masyadong malayo yung paningin ay nadadapa tayo sa batuhan, When we set our eyes so far ahead, sometimes we stumble for failing see the bumps on our way,” he added.

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Roxas explains why wife Korina not taking part in his campaign sorties

Vice presidential bet Senator Manuel Roxas II explained Friday why his wife, broadcaster Korina Sanchez, has not been appearing in his campaign sorties, saying he does not want to drag her in partisan activities.

“Iniingatan ko rin ang katayuan ni Korina dahil broadcast journalist siya, hindi naman siya nanggaling sa entertainment side, sa journalism side siya. So hindi ko gusto masyado na kasama siya sa mga partisan na activities,” the senator told Mike Enriquez during dzBB’s Ikaw Na Ba? The Vice Presidential Interview Friday morning.

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It’s a costly air war as VP bets splurge too on radio-TV ads

Posted by akosistella on March 19, 2010

It’s an expensive air war for presidential candidates; it’s an equally expensive air war for their vice-presidential running mates, too.

Just like their respective parties’ standard bearers, the leading candidates for vice president have poured in hundreds of millions of pesos on political advertisements on television.

The official campaign period started only last February 9, but from November 2009 to February 8, 2010, four candidates for vice president—Liberal Party’s Manuel “Mar” Roxas III, Pwersa ng Masang Pilipino’s Jejomar “Jojo” Binay, Nacionalista Party’s Loren Legarda, and Bagumbayan Party’s Bayani Fernando—had already incurred a total of P561.5 million in advertising values for television, radio, and print ads.

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Roxas warned of no election scenario after SC ruling

Posted by akosistella on March 18, 2010

“It scares many of our people that even on a very crucial issue of constitutionality and decency in government, the Justices of our Supreme Court would bow to the mighty powers of this President, who has bent the rules and even our Constitution to suit her whims,” [Sen. MAR] Roxas said in a statement.

“It sends a chill into our people’s hearts that a scenario of a failure of election could really happen, especially now with automation of the elections under question by many sectors and experts,” he said.

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SC go-signal for Arroyo to appoint chief justice is premature—Melo

The Supreme Court (SC) decision allowing President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to appoint the successor of Chief Justice Reynato Puno within a period of two months before her term ends was premature, said Commission on Elections (Comelec) chairman Jose Melo.

In an interview with reporters, Melo said he agreed with justices Eduardo Nachura and Presbitero Velasco Jr. who voted that the case was premature because Puno has yet to retire and Mrs. Arroyo has yet to decide if she will appoint a new chief justice.

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AND: Corona, Carpio frontrunners in JBC short list

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Roxas: Palace will be open to media under Aquino admin

Posted by akosistella on March 17, 2010

MANILA, Philippines—The press can expect more access to the seat of power should the Liberal Party tandem of Senators Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III and Manuel “Mar” Roxas II win the election.

This would be one of the key changes in an Aquino administration, said Roxas yesterday in an interview with reporters.

Malacañang would be “open” to the media, unlike currently where President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo hardly meets with the press, preferring to deal with them through a battery of spokespersons, Roxas said.

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Liberal Party seeks curbs in campaign spending

NAGA CITY—Apparently reeling from what one of them called “the most expensive election campaign” yet, senatorial candidates of the Liberal Party (LP) Tuesday vowed to amend election laws to effectively regulate campaign spending, should they make it to the upper chamber.

Candidate Franklin Drilon, a former Senate president, said current election laws should be changed “to cover loopholes that are being gravely abused by rich candidates with limitless campaign resources.”

“I have been involved in seven national elections and this year’s campaign is the most expensive I have ever witnessed,” said Drilon in a statement.

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Danding still mum on supporting Aquino

Posted by akosistella on March 15, 2010

On Saturday night, Cojuangco, chair emeritus of the Nationalist People’s Coalition (NPC), said he would rather not be involved in politics anymore.

“Matanda na tayo, ayaw ko na makialam sa pulitika (We’re already old. I don’t want to be involved in politics anymore),” he told the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

Asked if the support of his daughter, Liza Cojuangco-Cruz, who had joined Aquino’s campaign sortie in Iloilo, and his brother, Henry, for Aquino was tantamount to his endorsement, Cojuangco said: “They are free to choose, bahala sila (It’s their call).”

via INQUIRER.net.


Noynoy patches up crack with televangelist

“What I heard is that Pastor Quiboloy was said to have expressed that he was touched by the humility of Noynoy,” said former agriculture secretary Butch Abad, general campaign manager of the Liberal Party.

“Noynoy sought out an appointment and Quiboloy granted that. Their talk was accompanied with a dinner,” he said.

Aquino was accompanied by his running mate, Sen. Manuel “Mar” Roxas.

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AND: Kris Aquino says she’s fed up by constant criticisms

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Saving Gibo: Lagging numbers don’t faze Palace strategists

Posted by akosistella on March 15, 2010

MALACAÑANG yesterday said it is too early for administration presidential candidate Gilberto “Gibo” Teodoro Jr. to throw in the towel especially since a recent survey conducted with the participation of the election watchdog Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting showed him already climbing to second place early March.

“Hindi pa po tapos ang laban… it is certainly too early for anybody to say na dapat mag-give up ang administrasyon sa tsansa ng kanilang standard bearer,” said Gary Olivar, deputy presidential spokesman.

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Mar wants independent study of nuclear power in RP

“I have an open mind about it. Let us think about it. It’s the cheapest form of power and [it is for long term],” Roxas, the Liberal Party’s candidate for vice president, told reporters here on Saturday.

He said the Philippines’ neighboring countries were either using or open to the use of nuclear power.

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Mar: I asked Loren’s support but didn’t make any offer

Posted by akosistella on March 11, 2010

“I asked Senator Legarda if she could support the Noynoy-Mar tandem, and I did this because I couldn’t believe that she would seriously ally herself with Villar after all she told us—her fellow senators—about him. (Not after) what she said about Villar being corrupt, that he had no leadership, and how she rallied us to push for Villar’s replacement as Senate president,” Roxas explained in Filipino.

“Wala akong inoffer na pera, wala akong inoffer sa kanya (I did not offer money, I did not offer her anything),” Roxas said.

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